Monday, 4 November 2013

#Cheeky by Cowshed Nail Polish - Moss-behaving

Newest work freebies included these adorable Cheeky polishes from Cowshed in the cutest names...

I mean, Moss-behaving. How cute is that? :)


Sunday, 3 November 2013



Patty & bun to go, Nike rollerskating disco

Veuve Cliquot cellar visit & tasting, La Relais de Entrecote steak

Magazine indulgence, Beef Pho in Paris' Chinatown

Charlie May in the London Metro, Bone Daddies Ramen

Nachos at The Terrace in Wimbledon, personal style icon Margot Tenenbaum

Outfit of the weekend (...every weekend) ft. Dorothy Perkins & Dr Martens

I'm obsessed with this daisy print vintage dress I found in a thrift store down Crouch End way and unconsciously pick it out of my huge stash of clothes to wear every weekend. I'm currently suffering from an attack of shingles (flaring up of childhood chickenpox virus, brought on by too much stress) and this is the snuggly outfit I've been living in on the rare occasions I venture into the outside world.

The aubergine parka is my new favourite thing in life.

Dotty P parka, Vintage dress, Topshop cardigan (old), Dr Martens heeled Darla boots, Dotty P flat ankle boots, Primark black handbag.

Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night - The 40th Oxford Scout Group


The cutest bonfire night arranged by a group of dedicated scout volunteers, including Mr GR who is a local scout leader. Hot dogs, burgers, toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and mulled wine helped keep the chills away on a blustery night. I love traditional, locally organised events like this, it means so much more than a huge corporate fireworks event.

PLUS, the fireworks were 100000 x more epic than normal because I was sitting around 30m away.

Happy 5th November!


Monday, 23 September 2013

London Fashion Week 2013 (#LFW2013) PART 3: BLOGGER LOVE


As I tweeted about on the day - I think I was more excited to meet some of my favourite bloggers on a chilly  September evening wandering around Somerset House than I was to actually attend the Mark Fast show!

Mesmerised by Zoe of The London Lipgloss' awesome blue hair
Fangirling Lily of LLYMLRS

It is the best experience ever to meet the creators of the blogs I read in real life - they are always super lovely and humble and willing to take as many bloggery pictures together as you want! Scott was so polite and funny - he joked about my hat blocking my pop up flash when I was snapping away at him. Zoe was so bubbly and friendly and her hair looks even more awesome in real life.

I was SO excited to meet Lily whose blog I take the biggest inspiration from (fashion, beauty, lifestyle)  - I check it every day and had read her latest post the same morning I met her! I absolutely love her style and she was such a sweetheart, asking for my blog card and joking about her amazing braided hairdo (courtsey of Toni & Guy).

It was truly lovely to meet you all!

Bloggers are such a contrast to some of the people I have met at LFW. I remember talking to a peacocking fashion somebody sitting with me on the front row who loudly declared "oh my gawdd don't you just hate how all these BLOGGERS think they can attend shows and sit on the front row when they don't even maaatter!". Little did she know, she was speaking to a blogger sitting on the front row! ;) #irony


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my #LFW2013 experience... Roll on February 2014!