Thursday, 28 August 2008

Summer dreams

(^Wonderful view!)

I love love love summer heat in this sub-tropical city - absolutely invigorating! It's been 6 months since I last was here and boy do I feel like a tourist- I'm just gawping at everything, whether it be the sparkling lights adorning the buildings or just the view from a window at sunset. Paid a visit to my old riding school and now my legs are hurting so badly! Very unfit.


I want a gold sparkly sequinned dress. I am positive my life will become more full of parties if I acquire one.....


Went to get a haircut and ended up lopping it all off:


Outfit for today: Trying out the cuffed, peg-leg trousers:

Beige pants from Zara, Gap top, Uniqlo belt, Shoes from a random boutique in Beijing.

.....and the bag is Barbie by Patricia Field!! And I have the matching purse with the blinging gold barbie logo. I'm such a sucker for designer//cutesy toy inspired collaborations.


Hopefully I'll be updating more often! Thank you for all the support so far, I was so happily surprised when I received comments on my first few posts - you're all so lovely :)

Z xoxo