Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Hello lovely bloggers :) Thank you for all your wonderful comments! 

I'm glad you all are excited about friendship bracelets too! When I go back to Hong Kong this summer I will buy out all the colourful string from the ladies in the street markets and make loads of them to decorate myself with (and maybe my friends, if they buy into the trend haha). I may even toy with a friendship necklace.... or a belt.... the possibilities are endless!

I spent a nice day in the sun with my mum today, we had a little walk around the shops in my area and ate a huge lunch at an asian fusion restaurant.

I broke out my platform shoes and wide-brimmed hat :) Inspired by Audrey of course!

I'm actually wearing two skirts - tried to make a peplum effect :) 
Can you see at all? A rah-rah skirt over an AA pocket jersey skirt.

Sad story: I actually scored the khaki-green Emma Cook boots that the blogosphere (including me!) were in love with but they didn't fit my feet properly at all and I had to return them. When I saw these chunky monkeys, I thought they looked kinda similar? I love them anyway. They are UNNATURALLY comfortable.

Hat - H & M
Cashmere Cardi - Zara
Necklace - Mum <3
Rah rah skirt - Topshop
Skirt underneath - AA pocket
Shoes - Topshop

I'm going to apologise in advance if my posts become very sporadic. I have MAJOR exams coming up in a few weeks and I really need to do well. They basically determine my career :( 

But never fear - I shall be back with a renewed enthusiasm when they are done!

Much love to ya'll :)
Z xoxo


  1. I see 3.
    3 things I adore.

    the hat = brilliant + classy
    the shoes = I WANT..
    the movie = my favorite!!

    Keep it lovely, Gorgeous lady!


  2. Those shoes are gorgeous!! Please take me with you to Hong Kong :D

  3. those really do loo like the Emma Cook's, good eye! And I adore this outfit.

  4. i love this outfit! the hat, the shoes..very well put together :)

  5. that h&m hat SHOULD be in my collection. its so divine! too bad we don't have an actual h&m here. huhuhu. and your shoes are absolutely gorgeous. love the thin heel-- all in all, its a very chic look!

    much love


  6. Those shoes are incredible and you really rock the hat.

  7. Those boots are divine! Loving your whole look, darling!

    Good luck on those exams!


  8. Good luck on your exams. Love your hat. xo Cari

  9. loeving the shoes
    and adoring the hat :)

  10. I love your outfit!!! Every piece is fantastic =)

  11. That hat is fantastic and I love how you have layered the skirts- ingenious! (I may have spelt that wrong.. haha) Amazing shoes too. Lovely :) x

  12. love this outfit!!! the shoes are increible!

  13. YAY SHOE TWINS! i have the same ones. and i agree they look incredibly similar to the emma cook ones which i cant get my hands on apparently. damn.


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