Sunday, 5 April 2009

CRUMPLED is the new ironed............

Yeah, just making excuses for the fact that my shirt is crumpled beyond belief but I REALLY could not be bothered to iron it myself (me and irons don't get along very well... I often end up with burn marks and melted buttons/etc) and figured that wearing it for a while would make it less so, haha. Love this waistcoat which I got from Zara a year or so ago but I'm so paranoid of the studs falling off! Also, you can't really see them properly but I'm wearing wet-look leggings that I bought in Hong Kong.

On another note... I miss taking the outdoor pictures! Must get more of those done but I was only able to take these in a rush before I ran out the door. The long grey granny cardigan is rather a cop-out on the jacket front. I definitely need to revive some winter --> spring transition coats. I scored a denim jacket at the same time as my vint boots so hopefully it'll be warm enough to wear that soon!

These are the however-many-seasons-ago Gap boots that I'm still wearing and still loving! I got the studded things on another pair of boots (which were already studded... talk about cowboy jingling overkill!) and transferred them to these - I think it adds a nice bit of detail, what do you think?

Doing silly things with my cardigan for the camera. I've been watching Cycle 12 of ANTM and can never resist an opportunity to do stupid poses now whenever a camera is turned on me. They don't always work out though, haha.... but I guess thats why models have 100s of frames per photoshoot!

Shirt - Full Circle, mens department
Waistcoat - Zara
Cardigan - Uniqlo HK
Boots - Gap
Studded things on boots - from another pair of boots (Ash)
Wet-look leggings - Random store in Hong Kong

These are actually the Dr Martens I got from Amazon. They are so weirdly..... normal (considering my usual shoe purchases) but I couldn't resist the price tag! What do ya'll think?

Thank you lovely commenters and THANK YOU for all the gorgeous bloggers who have linked me! So so sweet of ya :)

Z xoxo


  1. love your leggings
    love your boots !!


    heyyyy, I can make you a new header if you want, just email me the specifics. xx

  2. definitely nice details on the boots, and it goes so well with the shirt+waistcoat outfit!


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