Friday, 1 May 2009

Darling buds of May

Hello my lovelies. Sorry for such a long absence! And sorry I look so tired in these photos... My exams start NEXT WEEK (ahhhhh) and the stress will continue for 2 weeks so once that long week of fear and terror is over, I shall try and get back into the swing of things!

Firstly I want to say THANK YOU :D to the beautiful Laura of DaisyChain Dreams because I won her giveaway yayy. I can't wait to receive my package!!! Yum yum yum....

But before the oh-crap-only-a-few-days-before-exams panic period starts, I thought I'd show off a few (understatement) new purchases. I have bought far too many things lately, mainly because I'm stuck in my room revising and am forever tempted by online shopping!

The blue poofy skirt is from the topshop sale and is SO MUCH MORE POOFY than I expected it to be... I absolutely love it!

I have given up the search for Emma Cook boots and will wait patiently until someone tires of theirs and takes pity on me :( ..... So I bought chunky heeled creepers off ebay instead :)

The black body is from.... uh.... OK OK, NEW LOOK AGAIN. They are made out of stretchy cotton and don't cling to the body - just skim it. And they're like 8 pounds or something! Fully recommended. I want to get my hands on a stripy version.

JUMP! Hehe.

YESSSS I got the hair flick downnnn. Sorry about the boobage.

Anddd my beloved vintage denim jacket.

Perfect summer outfit!

Bye for now :) 
Z xoxo


  1. hahaha boobage indeed. Silly miss! Tis a mighty fine hair flip you managed to capture lol. I've tried myself and I always look stoned....hmmmmmmmmm :(

    Love the poofy skirt. You can never get enough POOF i say! :D

    All the best for exams mine are rearing its ugly rear end very soon

    Cyber kisses :)

    Eeli xx

  2. loove that skirt, I wanted them too! except they're a bit too short on me :P And your creepers got heels :D? first I've seen!

    I've got UK4/37 Emma Cooks to sell, are you a UK4 :P? I doubt it, right? let me know!

  3. Haha awesome hair flip! How many shots did that take to perfect? Love the skirt!

  4. AY! meet and squids sounds FUNFUNFUN! :D when would you like it? I have today and all of weekend free. oh why are you up at this hour btw :P??

  5. I luv the dress :D
    Good luck with your exams!

  6. I like that the skirt is poofy too. Its hard to find one that poofs right. Summer outfit looks great!

    urgh I have finals coming up too, I feel your pain.

  7. I love the skirt...and the shoes are so cute!
    Congrats about winning lauras comp!

  8. I love the creepers! Good luck with exams.xx

  9. very cute i love poufy skirts so feminine!

  10. i LOVE those shoes on you! x

  11. UK 6 = US 8 for me.
    I want Emma Cook in my life :)
    and your blue skirt!


  12. ohh i love the outfit i want your shoes, those are deff creepers right???

  13. Those creepers are really cute on you! Love the skirt, sometimes I think shopping online for TS sale is soo much better. I went to my local store and everything was on the floor (as always) and such a pain to look through!

    Boobage or not, the hair flick shot is awesome haha!

    Also, so glad you managed to get a pair of the Emma Cooks! yay!

  14. Good luck for your exams! I had a terrible week of tests last week so I feel your pain! =(
    I love how you've worn the puff skirt with creepers! This is such a cute outfit!

    xx Jessie

  15. I lovee that poofy skirt! Its not too poofy. Its adorable!

  16. The denim jacket is awesome. I always wanted something like that!

  17. Hey, those shoes are amazing!!

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  19. your blue skirt is fantastic!

  20. I love the creepers on you they look fab with the skirt. Have you seen the new Emma Cook boots for Topshop, they're not out yet but Susie Bubble has posted about them, they're animal print and moccasin. check them out..


  21. this is cute
    lovesss it

    frassy love xxx

  22. adorable look! i love your pics, they're so cute and funny! i could never pull off creepers but they look great in this outfit

  23. You look fab, darling! I love your skirt and all these poses!

    And I am having another contest on Monday thru Wednesday so be sure to stop by then!


  24. you really pull off hte Creepers. They don't look chunky or weighed down at all. Good luck on your exams, and congratulations on winning the prize!

  25. wow! the skirt look so cute on you, dear! :D

    please do visit my blog too.. :)

  26. i so wanted to have that skirt but when i checked the availability of it, it was already gone in my size.. too bad..

    thanks for your comment on my page, and as you see, i speak english, too. hope to see you soon on my blog, drop by if you want :)

  27. Yaaaay, awesome skirt! It just feels sooooo great xx Oh and I love how you paired it with creepers, so far I've only tried mine with heels for going-out purposes, will have to get about changing this :D


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