Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sittin' on the dock of the bay

I hate the fact that our tutors assigned a huge coursework just before term ended meaning that its cutting into my revision time! I should be revising but instead I'm working on this silly piece of coursework :(

I am absolutely LONGING for summer...... The two pictures above are part of my ultimate favourite editorial EVER :)
(Gemma Ward, Vogue UK, July 2006, photographed in Australia by Corinne Day)

Z xoxo

PS. The Dr Martens boots I ordered came today and they're SO comfy... Tempted to order them in black too. They look better in real than on screen :)
 I think I'll just skip the whole sandal = summer thing and wear boots all year round!


  1. cool pictures.
    is there not all a underlying political message?!

  2. Gemma ward is so gorgeous. Those are effortlessly gorgeous piccies.
    Oh you need to post piccies of your purchase!


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