Monday, 13 April 2009

Home Sweet Home

Still relaxing at home :)

Got my darling little sister to snap a few photos. The first family member to be told about my blog! Me and her are like twiddle dee and twiddle dum anyway so she had to be the first!

Oh I got a haircut.. just a little trim but its going kinda crazy on me today so excuse the bad hair!

Gladiator heels.... mmm zips mmm patent leather. These are weirdly comfy as well - a little platform and a soft sole do wonders.

Have busted out the pastel pink leather jacket with a pimpin' fur hood. Its buttery soft and I love it! When I got I thought it was too cutesy so its been in storage for a while.

  • Dress - Random store in Hong Kong (I love the little floral motif round the hem!)
  • Jacket - Lambourghini (Yes, they have a clothes line. No, it's not as tacky as you'd think it would be! They have some nice shirts and loads of gorgeous leather jackets)
  • Eggplant-coloured tights - Market in Hong Kong
  • Gladiator heels - China
A very international outfit today! Not a high street store in sight :)
My sister painted her fingernails CRAAAAAZILY. I was very amused. Here they are in all their splendour and wonder and amazement. Be nice ya'll.

Here's where she got the tutorial:
Hope you all had a lovely easter weekend!
Z xoxo


  1. Great jacket, love that it's pink.

  2. Ah the dress is so cute on you! I love your nails too

  3. sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, i LOVE your shoes!

    oh and i linked you :D

  4. Your gladiators and nails and tights! GAH so wonderful every single piece :)

    I was so frightened to tell my family memebers that I 'accidentally' left the wondow of my blog on screen when I had to 'dash outside for my run' hahaha. But now they know and all is well hehe.

    And my gosh lets just hope that there is a light at the end of the revision tunnel or else I'd just collapse indefinately lol

    Have a lovely tue doll!

    Eeli xx

  5. Hey I like the pink leather jacket...espesh the fur trim on the hood...


  6. those are definitely cute nailpainting!! Those gladiators are classic!! cute dress too :D

  7. I loooove your shoes and your dress. That jacket is pretty fancy too. x


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