Saturday, 4 April 2009

If you ain't cowboy...

Just bought some brown Dr Martens boots from Amazon (Yup, still injecting that stuff) but it's been so long since I actually wore normal looking brown (as opposed to black) boots that I have no idea what to wear them with! Have been drawing inspiration from Polyvore...

Outlaw Country
Outlaw Country by sourcat featuring True Religion jeans

:B by Gαвяιєℓℓα ♥ featuring Lucky Brand bags

God Save McQueen
God Save McQueen by Erika45 - Join my groups! featuring Stella McCartney sleepwear & intimates

spring and summer
spring and summer by F♥.... featuring Balenciaga sunglasses

taylor swift
taylor swift by Angii ●๋• featuring Forever21 bags

2 March 2009
2 March 2009 by andipandi♥♥ featuring Forever21 bracelets

Thank you for all the lovely comments :) Am snowed down in coursework at the moment but will get round to answering you all back!



  1. I can't wait to see these new DMs! Brown footwear ends up being surprisingly easy to pair with once you get used to it. It's a great color, my favorite combination would be an all-black outfit with brown boots.

  2. Cool polyvore picks! That site is always so amazing and inspiring. Can't wait to see what outfits you create! Just don't let anyone tell you black and brown are a no-no, that's so passe.


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