Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Peplum Party

I adore this little dress from Miss Selfridge but haven't had the chance to go instore to try it on. 

The sun was shining madly today so I tried to recreate the look with a top my aunt bought me during her christmas trip to America, which I never thought I'd wear at the time. 

YEAH DENIM ON DENIM. I know, shocker right? So sue me. 

Since I was going down the whole TEXAS TUXEDO route anyway, I thought I'd throw on my new Dr Martens "Toki" boots and go all-out cowgirl. The boots are SO COMFORTABLE, even with the little heels they have that I don't even care what anyone thinks of them. I've ordered them in black too and will wear them until they fall apart. If any of you are looking for some standard calf-high leather boots for under £25 then go check these babies out on Amazon UK (my only means of shopping in this period of revision).

See how sunny it is?! Glorious :)

I love this slouchy cardigan - it's so light but so snuggly with its billowing sleeves and chunky knit. I bought it a couple of years ago from the men's section of a store at London Fashion Weekend.

The boots!

Headpiece - A silver necklace from my mum
Top - Ralph Lauren
Skirt - Diesel
Boots - Dr Martens
Cardigan - Mother T


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Z xoxo


  1. Those boots look amazing. Wearing flat boots is the best, you can still look cool without being uncomfortable.

  2. I love the way you mixed denim with dark brown, it's very chic.

    So glad you liked the header, it looks cute on your page<3


  3. Every time I go in to Miss Selfridge I drool over that dress, it's gorgeous. As is your outfit.

  4. i like your header too!

  5. oh the top is so cute!!! Great outfit ;)

  6. I love how dainty and sweet your head piece is. I think I opt to go for such headpieces more than the chunkier ones that look like a Chanel strap. I feel like it's too obnoxious - like hey, I'm a headpiece! :)

    You look beautiful!


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