Thursday, 16 April 2009

Spanish Eyes

Hello darlings!

I got these looong beaded necklaces from a tiny alleyway shop in Barcelona. The guy who owned the shop was such a cutie. They have little beads that kinda look like swirly eyes at various points on the necklace.

I got tired of double looping them round my neck so I decided I would try wearing them differently over a simple white tee :)

Here we go again with the hair flicks. I will succeed, someday!

Doing a little dancey-poo.


... and Back! I wore my leather jacket over this ensemble.

These shoes are SO comfortable. I can literally run around town for hours in these. 
Yeahhh they're SATC knock-offs, don't judge!
T-shirt: Zara
Jeans: Random shop in HK
Shoes: New Look

Thank you for your lovely comments everyone! I'm so tempted with the creepers. I looked up "brothel creepers" on Wikipedia and found it hilarious how they got their name.

Basically, ex-servicemen used to wear them in war because of the thick soles but when they came to London, they were seen wearing them when they hit up Soho/King's Cross/various seedy areas. Hence, "brothel creepers"!

Had an interview recently... stressful stuff!!! Can't wait until exams/etc are all over!


Z xoxo


  1. Haha go for it with the brothel creepers!
    Love the way you wore the necklaces

  2. The necklace looks great worn like that, very creative! I'd try wearing it on your wrist, it'd look like a huge bracelet (that's what i do with long necklaces).

  3. i am not judging because i have the same ones from new look! :)
    love what you did with the beads.

  4. lol it wasn't cheesy at all its very true!

    Such an inovative girl you are missy teehee. I've never come across anyone who has chosen to manipualte her necklaces like this! What a way to spruce up an outfit huh? :)

    Hope your weekly roundup has been going well ;)

    Eeli xx

  5. The necklace is so amazing worn like that!

  6. Wow, totally adore how you styled the necklaces, great job!


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