Monday, 6 April 2009

Trautes Heim, Glück allein.

Action shot! 

Met up with my family today and enjoyed a day off from studying to wander around Chinatown and have a gluttonous dinner in a pub near Barnes. I see my family so little that it's almost strange to be all together! We are very loud :)

I got the poncho in a market in Oxford - What do you think? 

I was actually a little nervous about wearing it! "Why?", you may ask.....

My last venture into the world of ponchos was when I was 12 and I completely thought I was working my new hippie poncho. I noticed a boy looking at me whilst I was waiting to be picked up and thought he was admiring my fashion savvy..........

....... until he came over and was like 
"Excuse me........ Why are you dressed like Jesus?" :-( 
I ran home crying to my mum and haven't worn one until now. Hurtful at the time but I think I'm over it, just ;-)

Yay for outdoor pictures again!

Poncho - Vintage
Ruffled top - Zara
Jeans - Uniqlo
Shoes - Zara

Z xoxo


  1. Lol Jesus. That poncho is very unjesus like, actually it looks like a nice plaid wrap! Love the shoes :)

  2. aww kids are such asses sometimes. this post makes me crave capes and ponchos though which must mean you look awesome!

  3. Haha I'm sorry but that story is really funny! The poncho looks great, I love that blue/green style of plaid.

  4. I really really like that poncho of yours!! THe colors are great and it looks really nice wrapped around you like that. Goes so well with gray.

    Oh dear what a little ass that boy was!! As if he knew anything about what looked good. Then again I guess at that age I would've been really upset too >< No one should have to be the victim of that sort of brainless insult.


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