Wednesday, 15 April 2009

White heat

Do I dare? What do you guys think?



Z xoxo


  1. i love all the tops! and thank you for linking me. i will add you right now. :)

  2. I have added you to my blogroll :) Yes, considering how it is an asian brand, it took really long to come eh?!

  3. I love that bustier! Im not a creepers fan yet but maybe if you post some outfit photos with them, maybe I can see their true beauty in the end? Love you blog =)

  4. Wow those are your creations? AWESOME!

  5. Gah! Your sleep patterns are as horrible as mine. Is it bad to say that I'm happy to hear this? But sad too mind you lol. Atleast I know now that I'm not alone in the horribleness :(

    DARE! You should DARE! If you like these shoes (and who wouldn't) then GO FOR IT! You owe it to yourself to make yourself happy right? teehee >_<

    Adring the florel corset because I'm hankering for one myself now and OF COURSE the sequined high waist skirt! Lovely lolvely lovely :)

    Eeli xx

  6. mhm, not sure. I'M more the fan of black creepers.
    but i think creepers are more shoes for 'teedyboys' or 'rockabellas' you know... it's not high fashion for me BUT the great designer daniel palillo showed me that rockerbilly and high fashion work together sooo...

  7. Go on babygirl, I love my creepers with or without the chunky sole factor haha.

    Kiss, China L.

  8. omg who doesnt love creepers??? theyre amazing and yes, do it.


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