Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Back to basics.

5 hours ago: Topshop tweets about this jacket.

Now: Sizes 10 and 12 are sold out. Crazy! Its an amazing jacket though... I too am taken in by the "perfect" combination of white leather and studding, although I'd prefer if the studs were silver.

Do you think we're brainwashed by Topshop?? :( I mean it was only in the early 1990s when Topshop was really uncool, unfashionable and badly-made etc.

But there's no doubt about it... Their re-marketing, re-branding and re-invention strategy has really worked. Topshop is slowly but surely taking over the world....


Moving onto my outfit... or lack thereof as I didn't actually leave my flat today. First exam is on friday and I'm utterly terrified! Let the cramming begin. But of course I'm managing to update my blog amidst the panic :)

Since I didn't leave the flat, comfort was highest priority!

Another topshop sale purchase: These adorable plimsolls with an inked brogue-style pattern all over it. Perfect summer footwear.

Bought a new tripod for my boyfriend :) But he said that part of the reason why I bought it for him was so he can take better pictures for the blog.... ahem... me? Never :)

Cut out dress - Topshop
Amazingly soft cardigan - Zara
Socks - Market in Hong Kong
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Barcelona

Hugs and kisses to my readers and lovely commenters :)
Z xoxo


  1. I like the detail on the shoes, and the knee high socks are cute too!

  2. Great shoes!

    I agree- Topshop was so uncool when I was like 14/15. It was never trendy and Miss Selfridge used to be the place to go. The thing is, Topshop is the only store which offers such a huge selection of on-trend items at affordable prices so it's hard not to get sucked in all the time.

  3. Hmm I dunno, I find TopShop kinda expensive, but then I was trying to factor in the exchange rate too... Cute photos, I like the jumping pose! That jacket is soo blogger style.

  4. Whoa the jacket is amazing!

  5. YOU are naturally beautifull! and thanks so much so nice comments, my life just crashed down so every little thing make me smile :) hugs!

  6. wow, cool TS jacket. and loving your "action" shots!

  7. good luck on the exams :) why is it we always leave revision to the end?and end up cramming lol

    love the outfit as well :) love the socks!

    oh and that jacket is amazing :O so so beautiful no wonder it is selling out! and yeah definately think topshop have been very clever with their branding!

  8. I love youe necklace, last time i wore one that long i managed to get my knee stuck in it somehow and all the little beads went everywhere :(
    I love the studded jacket, so cute!

  9. Great outfit and great poses! Wow, I can't believe that Topshop jacket sold out so fast. I think it's definitely their marketing, creative design team and of course Kate Moss that have helped them become so hip.

  10. i really need this jacket ;) great shoes! XXX

  11. Your so adorable! I love that jacket, but I'm getting sick of the "topshop mania"
    whenever I go in there, I often leave quite un-inspired.

    Gorgeous outfit.

  12. That jacket is amazing!
    And I love your outfit, especially those fab socks!


  13. wow, the jacket is really cool! i agree that sometimes people tend to go crazy over brands. Topshop is a good place right now, everything they come up with, people are gonna love.

    loving the comfy outfit. the socks are the cutest!

  14. Love your outfit! Its amazing what the internet is doing for the retail industry. Maybe one day they won't even need shops- Just virtual ones where we can try stuff on "virtually"!!

  15. lovely outfit! you look too cute just to stay in,but i'm also in finals mode so i understand.

  16. Sold out?! It is really amazing actually :) I would have bought it, too!!

  17. that jacket is great! and so is your outfit. i love grey :)

  18. haha i love the last picture!

  19. love those socks.
    your jumping pic is so cute :)

  20. You wear those socks SO well! I love those studs on the jacket! But Topshop is way too expensive here.

  21. yes!!! someone who understands!!! :D
    your blog has been added to my blog list :]

  22. ah adorable :D love the jumping shots. (tripod for bf is probably like buying skirt for him so you can wear it later hehe) the pimsoles look like brogues yet look really comfy and casual!

    I think we are brainwashed by Topshop indeed, but I rarely buy stuff there for full-price..

    Hey you sy Colin Firth and Dara O'Brien too? Ellen saw them near Turnham Green too :| why do I never see celebrities? I only saw Clive Owen because Ellen pointed it out to me after he brushed by! No eyes.

  23. ooh, i always meant to do the multi-layering for tights!

  24. (open comments for your latest post Zarface! I want to comment how the Squares package also match your eyeshadow. <3)

  25. Thanks love. i will remember it, you are a gold hearted girl <3

  26. Uuuuuuh, this jacket is fabulous! I was away on business trip for a couple of days and it was sold out when I've returned.... :( Booohoooo!
    Yep, I agree, it would look even better with silver studs... (Trying to cheer me up now ;) )
    I like your outfit post very much - especially the sunny-mood jumpin pics!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xoxo, Sofie

  27. That jacket is pretty sweet! I love your shoes btw! Its such a great shoe for spring!


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