Monday, 4 May 2009

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London May Day march


Outfit of the day - It's all rainy again :(

The boots are an amazon purchase from a while back. I love how clunky they are and the wedge heel means they are so comfortable.

Pashmina: Hong Kong
Belt: Uniqlo
Top (underneath waistcoat): Gap
Waistcoat: Zara
Jeans: Uniqlo (I want to slash these)
Boots: Dr Martens (amazon addiction)
Bag: United Colours of Benetton (amazingly soft and slouchy. and it matches my new boots!)

In other news (widest interpretation of the word), I logged into my NEOPETS account yesterday. That is the level of procrastination I am willing to stoop to in order to avoid more studying. Was not impressed because my account has been open for about 9 years and the neopets I have still aren't interactive. They are still just pictures that sit there looking unhappy if they are dying (mine are).

If you didn't play neopets you will have no idea what I'm talking about and I just upped my loser score by about 530 points. It was cool when I was 12, yeah?

 I just realised they have a McDonalds shop - that is kind of hilarious.


Exams start next week... I really should stop blogging so often!

Z xoxo


  1. really nice combination with the scarf!

    you look very nice :)

  2. Love how you wear the pashmina.

    Neopets...that takes me back. I used to love playing on that. Kids play on stardoll nowadays which looks a lot more fun!

  3. love the tan boots

    camille x

  4. Cool boots! Whats May day?

  5. i know the shoes are super compfy, had to get them in both colours. the platform makes them very walkable :)

    camille xx

  6. very kate moss outfit. love it.

  7. I like how you wear the pashmina!! you look very nice!

  8. Wow i love the pashmina, it actually never occured to me to wear it like that!!
    Hope your exams go ok :)

  9. Love your look, especially that wrap! Good luck on your exams, darling!


  10. Sweeet boots, I covet! Love how well it matches the bag :)

  11. I wish I can rock boots so well!

  12. LOVE the boots! I mailed your winnings today, second class I'm afraid, I didn't have quite enough cash on me for first, woops! x

  13. you are very beautifull, and your outfit looks so confortable!!!!

  14. You have such great style... I'm loving it! xxx

  15. I love how you wore the pashmina. Looks so cozy.

  16. oh wow, neopets, i havne't thoguth about this for ages, but i love your oufit, it looks so comfy and chic!

  17. haha OMGOSH I USED TO PLAY NEOPETS TOOO! I love your outfit =) ohh man I love amazon!

  18. i love how you wrapped that scarf! and that's a really great outfit.

    i used to play with neopets..and it was so addictive. don't remember how i even got out of it. haha.

  19. Great outfit! Love the waistcoat. It's so depressing it's gotten colder here as well. I was wearing ballerinas and sandals for a while, now it's back to boots for me. Ugh. I had no idea Neopets still exsisted! Wow, talk about nostalgia ;-)

  20. Hi! Great blog! Love your versatile outfits!

    Great to hear you've got a Benetton bag! I love Benetton! (bc I've worked for this special place in my heart for it)



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