Saturday, 16 May 2009

Good mood giveaway :)

Hello darlings :) Giveaway time!

Feeling good about being almost done with exams so I thought I'd do my first giveaway! Also: Yay 50 posts.

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my wonderful readers and commenters.


A cute little topshop necklace that has been sitting in my jewellery box - it doesn't get the attention it needs so I'm giving it away to a loving home!

To enter: Simply leave a comment on this post with the word "Topshop" somewhere in it :)  Only one entry per person will be used.
I'll draw names out of a hat and announce the winner on the morning (UK time) of friday the 22nd and will hopefully post it that day. I am willing to post worldwide so international bloggers are welcome to enter!


Please check out my ebay shop where I'm selling loads of my excess shoes... I must own about 200 pairs and the shoe cupboard needs cleaning out! The shop will constantly be updated these few weeks. Please help my boyfriend and I get more feedback so we can start doing buy-it-now's! It's so annoying to be stuck on only 4 feedback :) I'm willing to do pick-ups for London bloggers.


Also.... New blog venture:


(I'm ALREADY frustrated with ebay. We'll see how this works out)

Just to make this a mega giant post: the lovely Stephanie from Ashtray tagged me so here we go!

Seven facts about me:
1. I'm technically chinese but my chinese speaking skills are pretty damn awful. I was born and bred in the UK and my second language
 (if you can call it that) is German. Basically, I would starve much, much quicker if I was dropped off in the middle of China than I would in Germany.

2. I adore animals. I love horses and in Hong Kong, I used to spend every weekend at my local stables feeding, cleaning, grooming and basically just living with my favourite horses.

3. I was sent away from home in Hong Kong at the age of 12 to boarding school in the UK (culture shock much?) for 6 years, which were both the best and worst years of my life.

4. I didn't know how to properly put on eye makeup (ie. shadows and shading) until a few months ago. Up till then I just drew a line of eyeliner on my lid and left it at that.

5. I have an irrational fear of shellfish in their shells, whether they are alive or dead. My biggest problem is with prawns, crabs, lobsters and other related nasties with waving antennae and creepy little legs. However, once the shells are peeled off, the legs thrown away and the heads severed, I am perfectly happy to eat the meat. People think I do this on purpose to make other people peel my shellfish for me but I honestly am afraid of their legs/eyes/shells.

6. I am a city girl, through and through. I love the big cities I've visited - Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Rome, Bangkok... I am useless with mud, terrible with fences and get extreme hayfever with a single sniff of pollen. My boyfriend is a complete country boy.

7. My most recurring dreams always feature lifts, shopping malls and hotels, usually all joined together.


Big love to all you beautiful readers, hope you have a wonderful day!
Z xoxo


  1. Thanks for your comment - its actually a Bag from Zara my friend and I went a little crazy over for its Balmainy-ness (:

    Your blog is so cute, and I love the topshop necklace, I wanna do a giveaway soon now! x

  2. ok first.

    Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop Topshop
    ok next. Man I still don't know how to apply eyeshadow, you have skills because you know how to make it match with whatever you hold MUHahha.

    Ooh and I didn't know ich sprichst deutch! ich mochte gerne lernen deutch sprechen but I suck.

    Anyway, same emotion by the boyfriend here too, he was all...this is so S&M, and I was all no, this is so cool and policeharnessy..and he's like WHUTEVA.

    bye for now.

  3. nice. ich sprichst deutch. i meant DU. obviously.

  4. TOPSHOP! haha ;)

    Lovin' the outfit and shoes!

  5. I am more of a city girl too. Tell me to go anywhere near mud or beaches & I will basically freak out =x

  6. Great blog i just wished those doc martens you have up were my size

  7. hahah yes i think i will just stick to a trim to be on the safe side :) awesome post

    camille x

    p.s topshop :)

  8. I love your shoes, i wish i didnt have such big feet :(
    Thanks for doing the tag! I dont have a clue about eyeshadow either, i just stick with eyeliner.
    Have a good day x
    p.s I want that TOPSHOP necklace :)

  9. love the b/w heels :)
    the topshop necklace is too cute and for sumer with a white tank is perfect!

  10. topshop. hmm. i went to topshop. i've been to three topshops. the first topshop i went to was the oxford street store, but i was jetlagged and carrying too many luggage-bags, so i didn't really appreciate it. then i went to the topshop in stevenage and bought jeans. then i went to the topshop in milton keynes and bought a dress on sale. i like topshop. we don't have topshop in australia, it makes me sad.

    i like that necklace, good giveaway skills!
    i do love my crushed velvet dress, i am totally bringing it back as a style item!

  11. Ebay is so frustrating!
    I wish I had smaller feet, your shoes are great!

    Umm, oh yea

    topshop ;)


  12. A lovely necklace, did you really get that at Topshop? Thanks for the chance to win it!

  13. Read your post above and what the heck is that charity??? Obscene and disgusting. And I wish there were a Topshop where I lived!

  14. Topshop in a variety of languages!
    Hebrew<-הדף חנות
    Cửa hàng đầu trang->Vietnamese
    and for our very own lovely geisha

    i officially love that shop
    (and languages as you can tell...sorry im a totally GEEEEK)

    such a cute necklass
    im a totally loving home lol
    Peace and Love
    p.s i know they are probably all wrong but i had loads of fun!!1

  15. hey, thanks for your lovely comment!
    i added your shop on my shop blog and your blog on my blog... :D
    really nice work, keep it up pretty girl!!


  16. Love #5!

    Cute Topshop necklace!

    Congrats on 50 posts, darling!


  17. Miss how can ANYONE refuse a giveaway! TOPSHOP! haha

    Good luck with that shop. I'm in the midst of setting up one for myself and GAHHHHHHH its pretty stressful. With the shipping costs and conversions and all lol.

  18. heyy geisha I'm in for the give away:))
    an international reader ;)

  19. I'm silly.Do you know what?
    I read the comments not the whole post and asked myself
    why is everyone writing topshop in here.
    hey at least I noticed it:)))
    I'm in TOPSHOP!



  20. I wish wish wish that the emma cooks you have were a 4 and in black, I am so jealousssss
    Kate ♥

  21. Great Topshop giveaway necklace!

    My eyes just glanced when reading 200 pairs of shoes, lol

    I will visit your shop, soooon!


  22. hey dear :D

    thank you for the comment and i think the H&M collection that you are meaning is from august on available! but this collection ist just a presale. i think!

    ahh can i compete at this giveaway lovely too???? i just try it!

    we dont have TOPSHOP here in germany! but it would be a such nice giveaway for me if i would win XD


    love, alice :)

  23. Hey Am loving the DM's will look great and seem more uunique without the yellow stitching!! Am loving the Topshop necklace.


  24. This is so darling... and fun!
    Who doesn't want to win something that's ridiculously cool AND from Topshop!!!

  25. Ah! Topshop!! That necklace is v. cute!

    And congrats on the Docs! :) I'm dying for a blue pair right now..


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