Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hippy hippy shake

Flared eva jeans from the Topshop sale :) 

Worn with creepers, Kirsty's scarf and a Kate Moss for Topshop tank top (the only redeeming feature of her collections so far, in my opinion!). I wore this with.... my pink leather jacket. OTT? Hahaha.

Lovvvvvve this scarf. It is as long and drapey as promised!

Swish swish :)
Have to get back to revision/watching BBC iPlayer now! 
Will answer comments when the bulk of exams are done on the 17th. Thank you for all your lovely lovely comments you guys are literally getting me through this stressful period :)

Z xoxo


  1. Ooh! I want to see this pink leather jacket! x

  2. i love the scarf as well! it's the perfect summer scarf! :D

  3. revison+iplayer totally go hand in hand!
    Will e-mail you later about outfits, I'm so not organised right now! x

  4. You look so adorable in the swish swish photo!! :)

  5. Nice trews! I have not seen a single thing in the topshop sale. To be honest it's so stressful just looking at it. Though I was tempted by the nice selection of leggings! My new lace top wasn't in the sale unfortunately...full price is such a bitch!

  6. great scarf!

  7. I like the scarf a lot. It adds a nice touch to the outfit.

  8. Over the top? No way! Just fabulous. Leather in any color is a good thing in my book!

  9. so sorry about the denim shorts! (i could not comment on the other post).. yeah you def. should have terminated it before somebody bid on it. my condolences. lol..

  10. What a great outfit and I love that scarf! I don't think anything is OTT in London by the way ;-)

    Oh, I'm heading to London end of this week. If there are any must-see stores that in your opinion I should review for my blog, let me know! :)

    I'm really sorry about the shorts by the way :( It's one reason I stay away from Ebay. I get way too attached to the stuff I buy... even the ones I hardly wear.

  11. I love the scarf, perfect for summer!
    i just tagged you by the way :)


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