Monday, 11 May 2009

London town.

Today marks the beginning of my week of killer exams. Sorry, I know thats all I talk about but its literally all I have time to think about. I had my second one today in Westminster central hall, which is right next to Westminster Abbey. It's usually quite nice to be able to see that area, even if its for exams (sad face) but not today.....

........ Why? Well, this morning, there was a huge Tamil protest going on in response to the humantiarian crisis in Sri Lanka on Parliament Square. Sounds fine but it meant that there were police cars everywhere and people getting arrested for breaking through police barriers so not only was it quite scary but it also meant that I had to literally sprint round the longest route possible with a heavy bag and arrive panting and sweating at my exam :( With no time to gather my thoughts, I think I rushed the paper a little bit. Oh well, that's the stress of London for you!

Sorry for all the moaning, I'll stop now! :) Here's what I wore today. 

Sunglasses - Vintage
Shirt - Kirsty
Dress - Topshop (This is literally become my staple piece - its like an AA dress)
Leggings - New Look
Boots - Dr Martens (I'm obsessed with all of my pairs of Docs. They're amazingly comfortable, not as clunky as the 8-holes/etc and look pretty rad... I think!)


Now I literally have to start last-minute revision for my wednesday exam.  Thank you so much for continuing to drop by and put a smile on my face with your comments! It makes this exam existence so much less lonely :). MWAH xx

And thank you for the comforting words about my denim shorts!! I am such a silly billy :) Too attached to my clothes. I've decided the first thing I'm going to do when I get back home is visit all the charity shops in my area to find a replacement!

Z xoxo


  1. Good luck with the exams :)

  2. Good luck with exams, sure the details can wait till the weekend, I will need them by then though..I'll give you a nudge Sunday if I've not heard.


  3. thanks for ur comment darling, u seem cute and the sandals are amazing...

  4. Love your look and the green sandals!
    Good luck on exams!


  5. My, people in Europe always seem to be protesting least that was my perspective when I visited as an American. I'm sorry you had to show up to your exam all out-of-breath and sweaty!

  6. Yes, I'm super-jealous of your Emma Cooks haha. You're adorable. And thanks for the help I'm a US8 which I believe is a UK6. I wanted the black but they seem to be out according to the email that they sent my way. :(

    Let me know.... if anything.


  7. haha yay a good reason to go shopping! i love love the boots :D

  8. nice outfit. good luck on the exams!

  9. I love the shoes, unfortunately they are way too small for my monster feet :(
    I never knew amazon did such nice shoes!! Im definatly going to start looking on there.
    Good luck with the exams :)

  10. the shirt looks great open - simple and awesome style you have going on there!
    exams suck, huh?
    you'll be fine, just hold on to the image of yourself once they're all over and done with!

  11. Oh, I'm sorry you had to rush to your exams :/ I'm sure you did fine though!

    Cute outfit, I love the shirt! And thanks so much for all your London shopping tips. I've actually been to London plenty of times, but wanted to hear from a local what's still considered cool or not :) Topshop is one of my faves, as is Liberty, but I had no idea they had a Laduree! And I totally remember A&F - how an you not, with the half-naked guys standing out front? But why are people always queuing all the way up Savile Row to get in?? Anyhow, I'll definitely check out Vivienne Westwood and a few others you mentioned. Thanks again! :)

  12. beautifull pictures!!!
    good luck darling!

  13. Im sorry to hear about your exam, hope it went well anyway and good luck with the rest of them!
    Those sandals are lovely, shame I have massive size 6 feet!

  14. hey good luck with all your exams.


  15. goood luck!
    btw the last picture looks very good.

  16. I love your shirt! Good luck on your exams!


  17. the shirt looks great unbuttoned! the pattern with the tiny flowers looks awesome (they're flowers, right?).
    good luck with the exams!

  18. Love your look and the green sandals!


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