Thursday, 21 May 2009

Put the boot in

-------------- EDIT -------------

I did it! I actually won something on ebay!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS. But I didn't get the standard 8-hole with yellow stitching because as Cruz of Denim on Denim (check out his sweet blog) rightly says, I think they're getting a bit too trendy now that everyone and their mum has them. I would just feel like I'm hopping on the bandwagon 5 months too late, haha. I got the proper kick-ass Docs, the ones my sister wore as a kid to brutally kick boys with during football games (I think it was just her... vicious child! Love ya really sis xx). 

Do you LIKE?? If you don't.... I don't care because I friggin love them :-)

Although I am thinking... WHY do this pair not have yellow stitching? Does that mean they're fake?! :-( Apparently they are "boys" shoes - does this make a difference???  Any help on this issue would be very welcome. 

PS. Remember to enter the topshop giveaway 2 posts below this - just leave a comment with "topshop" somewhere in it.