Thursday, 25 June 2009

Quiet nights

Polyvore seems like a legitimately useful activity at 2am.


(Exhibit A) Stuff similar to what I've been buying recently.

I've been weaning myself off black/grey/white with accents of blue, brightly coloured footwear and gawdy clashing cardigans.



(Exhibit B) Dreaming of being by the pool.

This summer is all about mesh, DIY-fringed EVERYTHING, cut out swimsuits, pastel colours, mismatching bikinis (so much more choice!) and your favourite piece of statement jewellery. This Pamela Love talon bracelet is a little out of my reach at £1029 so this summer will be about my H&M dripping-with-sparkle necklace.


Sorry for being so crap with posting and returning comments :( I'm afraid this sporadic blogging will continue over the weekend, unless I can blog direct from Glastonbury festival! EXCITED!!!!

I have my LIME GREEN HUNTERS ready and waiting.
With these babies on I shall expect some backing music as I stride through the gates. Just sayin'.
(Either this or this)


Z xoxo

Saturday, 20 June 2009

White & Grey

It's about time I showed ya'll the bag :)

This is what I wore to Chelley's lunch today with the exception of the shoes. I wore boots and (of course) the weather turned against me and it was sunny all day!

I looove big bags.

Being silly with my little sis (behind the cam).

I am secretly a ninja.

Sunglasses - H&M
Necklace - Flea market
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Blazer - Zara
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Reiss


Z xoxo

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Very overdue with this... Never really got into bloglovin' when I signed up ages ago but it seems to be the easiest way to keep track of all my reads! :)

Saturday, 13 June 2009


It was "designer Saturday" at the pop-store in Westfield. I know I'm basically spending my entire summer shopping budget there but I can't resist.

Today's star purchase was a gorgeous (DONATED!!!! by Reiss) snake-print leather Reiss bag from the new S/S 09 collection - ie. not from Topshop, H&M, Zara or any of the (predictable?) high street stores which are trying to emulate "trends" but just end up looking copycat-ish.

That's it right there, on the online lookbook cover image! The lookbook cover is actually also the huge billboard campaign photo that the Reiss store uses in their Westfield store. I love it when you buy something then go into the shop and see it in the ad campaign haha. Makes you feel like you made a good choice :)

I'll take pictures of it soon... it's a gorgeous soft grey colour with a champagne satin lining and I am in LOVE. All these women kept coming up to me when I was in the store and asking me whether I was actually going to buy it. YES I AM MUAHAHAHA! Even when I said yes they were like oh ok.. how much is it? UHHM what part of "Yes I'm buying it" did you not understand?!
You should definitely spare a moment to peruse Reiss' lookbook images - I adore their clean, unfussy styling using a muted palette with splashes of colour. This is what I want my summer wardrobe to look like! I now want to wear my trenchcoat with tailored mini shorts and a delicate blouse...


I'm actually feeling really uninspired by the high street at the moment and am thinking about weaning myself off the high street in favour of investment purchases combined with good old fashionable support of charity shops (which I always was a fan of anyway). I know this is nothing ground-breaking but it really hit home today when I realised that a lot of my recent purchases have come from Amazon, ebay or charity shops and I feel that it makes them feel like a special buy because you know that there aren't going to be 500 copies of it selling in Topshops/etc around the country. I won't be able to quit the high street completely but I've definitely realised that you don't need to go buy Topshop's summer lookbook outfits/follow trends by the book - having your own take on modern trends (or even going against them completely!) is so much more refreshing. This is why I love reading blogs :) There's so much individuality but everyone looks so stylish!

If you read that random spillage of thoughts the whole way through then well done, haha.

Z xoxo

Friday, 12 June 2009

"Girls with glasses"

My t-shirt came and I absolutely love it. Perfectly soft and slouchy with a beautiful illustration by talented Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre. I adore how his style fuses so perfectly with fashion, making his drawings one of a kind - he has a bright future ahead of him :)

(Click to enlarge)

Yeah, I decided to go there with the sunglasses hahaha.

I've been in Oxford all week and it was sooo exciting to come back to a little heap of goodies (even if I did have to buy them myself). These semi-heeled canvas plimsolls were a recent 1p (yes, that's 1p) ebay purchase. I immediately fell on these with my bag of studs. My thumbs are all sore now! Should I do more?

Still looking for a swap/buyer for the "Shroom" MAC eyeshadow :) - see post below for details!

Z xoxo



I just bought the "Shroom" eyeshadow from MAC as I was taken in by its lovely champagne colour and versatility as a base/highlighter/shadow by itself. HOWEVER... I'm not sure if it's doing anything for me... it basically melts into my skin and doesn't even show up :( - I have not tanned/nor pale, asian skin with yellow undertones. Its a gorgeous beige/champagne sheer/shimmery colour and would complement almost all eyeshadows. Look up this colour on makeup alley and the rave reviews it has say it all..... it just doesn't work on me :(

Eye Shadow, Shroom
Shade description: Soft muted golden beige with opalescent shimmer (Satin)

Is anyone interested in buying/swapping it off me? I've only touched it with a clean eyeshadow brush as I only just bought it today (don't you just hate makeup purchases that you regret and can't return??!) and the surface is hardly broken and there are definitely no dips.

  • TO SELL: I bought it for £9.79 and will sell it for £8

  • TO SWAP: (I would prefer this): If you have ANY Mac eyeshadow that you are getting tired of pleeease consider doing a swap with me? I love MAC eyeshadows and will be happy to swap with any colour that isn't getting enough attention in your make up bag :) (providing I don't have it already!). I seriously don't mind if it's used, seeing as mine as in a "used" condition too - Just as long as there aren't serious dips in it, etc.
Leave a comment on the post below if interested (comments disabled for this post). I will definitely do international swaps too!


That description above is spot on but their colour swatch thing is a pretty bad representation of the colour. Let me take a few pictures of mine....

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Drum my bass

I ache all over because of ONE night of clubbing... !

I am well on my way to sitting indoors on a friday night sipping hot chocolate in my rocking chair and thinking that the highlight of my weekend is watching Jonathan Ross. (Who am I kidding, I'm already there! Almost. Must purchase rocking chair.)


Whenever I go out clubbing, there are TWO things that are an absolute MUST:

  1. ALWAYS BRING FLATS. I do not understand people who do not do this and end up walking barefeet in the streets. Let's be realistic now, by the time 4am rolls around and you are craving a kebab, your feet are going to be hurting pretty badly. I can't stand seeing girls walking on rainy, dirty pavements, it's just disgusting. I mean, think about it - dogs shit on the street then they walk on it. Euchh.

  2. BRING A BIG BAG. One that can fit your spare pair of flats as well as a cardigan at least. In fact, if I'm being really organised, I take a huge bag with me and pack my clutch/etc inside it. When I get to the club, I put my coat/jumper/flats inside the big bag and check it in. Then I just take my clutch into the club and voila! Saves having to check in multiple items (I hate it when cloakroom attendants insist that a scarf is an extra pound....).

I studded my beanie. Thinking about putting more in... thoughts?

Beanie - H&M
Jumper - Ralph Lauren
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Leather bag - Custom made (I wanted a Chloe Paddington without the lock)

PS. Yes, the weather is still cold enough to warrant a coat and beanie.


Z xoxo

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Headpiece - branches stolen from local park
Belt - Hong Kong market
Toga dress - Friend's bedsheets
Sandals - River Island

Hat - Stetson
Jacket - H&M
Feathered eyelashes - Shu Uemura
Margiela sunglasses on friends - Microsoft Paint


Been drinking far too much this weekend.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

freedom is the elixir of youth

1 tin of rescue remedy pastilles has been and gone.

Replace with i-D and sickeningly sweet mango chunks.

Ali S's ed in this issue is absolutely fantastic!!!! Omgosh fangirl dance and shes only like 16!! Big future ahead of her.


Perfect weekends are to be treasured.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures... Click to enlarge.
3.2MP phone camera trying its hardest)
.. Oversize tank - Topshop ..
.. Bandage skirt - New Look ..
.. DIY studded converse ..

Studded my converse, obviously. Until Bess NYC, these will have to do.


Best drink ever. The lazy way out!

Chipped nail varnish and pork pie. I'm so glad Susie Bubble eats these too - they now have a classified stamp of coolness.

The real deal:


Summer is here and I feel like the world is my oyster.
What plans does everyone have?


Thank you everyone for your comments and visits :) You guys are the best! I'll be doing ANOTHER giveaway soon so stay tuned.

Z xoxo