Thursday, 11 June 2009

Drum my bass

I ache all over because of ONE night of clubbing... !

I am well on my way to sitting indoors on a friday night sipping hot chocolate in my rocking chair and thinking that the highlight of my weekend is watching Jonathan Ross. (Who am I kidding, I'm already there! Almost. Must purchase rocking chair.)


Whenever I go out clubbing, there are TWO things that are an absolute MUST:

  1. ALWAYS BRING FLATS. I do not understand people who do not do this and end up walking barefeet in the streets. Let's be realistic now, by the time 4am rolls around and you are craving a kebab, your feet are going to be hurting pretty badly. I can't stand seeing girls walking on rainy, dirty pavements, it's just disgusting. I mean, think about it - dogs shit on the street then they walk on it. Euchh.

  2. BRING A BIG BAG. One that can fit your spare pair of flats as well as a cardigan at least. In fact, if I'm being really organised, I take a huge bag with me and pack my clutch/etc inside it. When I get to the club, I put my coat/jumper/flats inside the big bag and check it in. Then I just take my clutch into the club and voila! Saves having to check in multiple items (I hate it when cloakroom attendants insist that a scarf is an extra pound....).

I studded my beanie. Thinking about putting more in... thoughts?

Beanie - H&M
Jumper - Ralph Lauren
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Leather bag - Custom made (I wanted a Chloe Paddington without the lock)

PS. Yes, the weather is still cold enough to warrant a coat and beanie.


Z xoxo


  1. yay shoe twins! ;)
    yes you def. have to go to cos. one of my fave shops ever!
    and i do always bring flats in my bag. not just when going to clubs. ALWAYS!
    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  2. Hello,
    Thanks very much for your sweet comment. Will you remind me later to add you to my list? I'm in a bit of a rush right now. :)

  3. oh I love your hat, I wouldn't put more studs on it though =)
    Oh and sure, I'll add you to my blog list :)

  4. no freaking way...where did you get a bag custom made??? it's beautiful!

  5. great tips! love the studded hat!

  6. Sexy dress! Love your outfit and the studded beanie (or toque as we call them in Canada) is such a great idea! I wouldn't add any more, otherwise you'll look like a viking.

  7. oh clubbing...haha :]
    never thought of that air ventilation!

  8. hey, I do indeed think you should put more studs on the beanie, the ones you have done so far are good.

    Love Jojo xx

  9. Totally Agree: Bring flats & Big bag!


  10. Love your outfit!

    I wish I could afford your Shroom e/s, I love that colour! I can't think of any of my unloved shades right now. Hmm. Might go investigate my makeup bags!


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