Friday, 12 June 2009



I just bought the "Shroom" eyeshadow from MAC as I was taken in by its lovely champagne colour and versatility as a base/highlighter/shadow by itself. HOWEVER... I'm not sure if it's doing anything for me... it basically melts into my skin and doesn't even show up :( - I have not tanned/nor pale, asian skin with yellow undertones. Its a gorgeous beige/champagne sheer/shimmery colour and would complement almost all eyeshadows. Look up this colour on makeup alley and the rave reviews it has say it all..... it just doesn't work on me :(

Eye Shadow, Shroom
Shade description: Soft muted golden beige with opalescent shimmer (Satin)

Is anyone interested in buying/swapping it off me? I've only touched it with a clean eyeshadow brush as I only just bought it today (don't you just hate makeup purchases that you regret and can't return??!) and the surface is hardly broken and there are definitely no dips.

  • TO SELL: I bought it for £9.79 and will sell it for £8

  • TO SWAP: (I would prefer this): If you have ANY Mac eyeshadow that you are getting tired of pleeease consider doing a swap with me? I love MAC eyeshadows and will be happy to swap with any colour that isn't getting enough attention in your make up bag :) (providing I don't have it already!). I seriously don't mind if it's used, seeing as mine as in a "used" condition too - Just as long as there aren't serious dips in it, etc.
Leave a comment on the post below if interested (comments disabled for this post). I will definitely do international swaps too!


That description above is spot on but their colour swatch thing is a pretty bad representation of the colour. Let me take a few pictures of mine....