Saturday, 13 June 2009


It was "designer Saturday" at the pop-store in Westfield. I know I'm basically spending my entire summer shopping budget there but I can't resist.

Today's star purchase was a gorgeous (DONATED!!!! by Reiss) snake-print leather Reiss bag from the new S/S 09 collection - ie. not from Topshop, H&M, Zara or any of the (predictable?) high street stores which are trying to emulate "trends" but just end up looking copycat-ish.

That's it right there, on the online lookbook cover image! The lookbook cover is actually also the huge billboard campaign photo that the Reiss store uses in their Westfield store. I love it when you buy something then go into the shop and see it in the ad campaign haha. Makes you feel like you made a good choice :)

I'll take pictures of it soon... it's a gorgeous soft grey colour with a champagne satin lining and I am in LOVE. All these women kept coming up to me when I was in the store and asking me whether I was actually going to buy it. YES I AM MUAHAHAHA! Even when I said yes they were like oh ok.. how much is it? UHHM what part of "Yes I'm buying it" did you not understand?!
You should definitely spare a moment to peruse Reiss' lookbook images - I adore their clean, unfussy styling using a muted palette with splashes of colour. This is what I want my summer wardrobe to look like! I now want to wear my trenchcoat with tailored mini shorts and a delicate blouse...


I'm actually feeling really uninspired by the high street at the moment and am thinking about weaning myself off the high street in favour of investment purchases combined with good old fashionable support of charity shops (which I always was a fan of anyway). I know this is nothing ground-breaking but it really hit home today when I realised that a lot of my recent purchases have come from Amazon, ebay or charity shops and I feel that it makes them feel like a special buy because you know that there aren't going to be 500 copies of it selling in Topshops/etc around the country. I won't be able to quit the high street completely but I've definitely realised that you don't need to go buy Topshop's summer lookbook outfits/follow trends by the book - having your own take on modern trends (or even going against them completely!) is so much more refreshing. This is why I love reading blogs :) There's so much individuality but everyone looks so stylish!

If you read that random spillage of thoughts the whole way through then well done, haha.

Z xoxo


  1. Oh, the bag is so gorgeous and how lucky you were able to get it from that pop up store...meaning it was a fraction of the price? That is so cool. Mary Portas should come to Birmingham and set up a pop up shop at the I can get my hands on some awesome goodies too!

    Glad the tee is a good fit!

  2. totally agree with you girl! but i can't help but want forever21 pieces!!! haha i love that "yeah, bitch!" feeling! and can't wait to see that bag! :]

  3. that bag is sooooo fabulous, you are so lucky that you were able to get your hands on it!!!

  4. Wow these looks are so pretty! Love the bag too x Sushi

  5. hmmmm.. i think my aunt from the UK has sent me a Reiss piece before, but i'm not too sure as i get tons of stuff from her.. but truth be told, this label is quite tasteful and right up my alley! sometimes its the small brands that really do the tricks. congrats on the bag! its quite gorgeous;)

    much love


  6. Hey there...just wanted to let you know that I left you a blog award on my blog because I love your style!

  7. Those look very fab. Love the bag.

    Thank you for comment. I love the way you said. It made me laugh.;-)))

  8. What an amazing bag!! I love the color, the shape, the fabric, everything!
    And thanks for your sweet comment, I think the color of the eyeshadow is Ochre or Ochre Style!


  9. I was at Westfields on funny. I know exactly what you mean, I visited nearly all the shops but brought one thing. I even had a topshop voucher to spend but couldn't find anything that really caught my eye that twenty thousand other people would be wearing.

    AS for Reiss I really am in love with their S?S 09 collection. It's non fussy and clean. Summer perfection.

    Love Jojo xx

  10. that last dress is so gorgeous... i also love that style: elegant but casual

  11. omg!Zara!!i had no idea u had such an amazing blog!
    My Ann dem are at rest atm,its a nice summer of margiela and chloe:P
    how r u lately?

  12. It's a gorgeous bag! I love those last two outfits..

  13. i love all those clothes!! yesterdey, i was try on a shorts like this!

  14. You lucky girl getting the jacket! May I ask how much it was?

  15. love the blue skirt in the second to last pic!

  16. Blue the blues skirt and the asymmetrical dress!!!

    MUTED tones are my weakness right now.

  17. I've always thought Reiss to be a bit more upscale, but then again their pricing doesn't actually differ that much from All Saints. Didn't Kate Middleton start a Reiss craz when she wore one of their coats? I love their tailoring and congrats on scoring that bag! It's beautiful!

    Another great option is COS (on Regent St.). I've always found their clothes to be a bit boring, but found out that editors from Elle and Vogue drop by there to purchase stuff to wear to fashion week. Everyone thinks they're wearing Jil Sander. And girl, you really should head to Brick Lane one of these days! :)

  18. Gorgous bag! Lucky you!


  19. The big coat looks so fab :)

  20. Love the bag! much is it? Kidding, LOL, thanks for the commentary, I could totally picture the scene!



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