Wednesday, 29 July 2009

if you ain't cowboy, you ain't shit. TRUE.

YES YES YES YES... It arrived. I wore it to my local ice cream parlour last night.

I am one magical t-shirt away from this look (skipping over the fact that I'm not Erin Wasson and don't have model looks or amazing hair that does perfect flicks for photos):

SORRY for the extreme lack of posts... been really busy applying for jobs.

To make up for it, some shoe porn: the pairs I have been wearing on loop these few weeks.
L-R: DIY studded minnetonkas (Zara) - Studded Schuh cowboy boots (ebay) - Office wedges - Office strappy lace up heeled sandals - Tretorn chunky heeled wellies (English summer so far sucks) - Brown Loblan cowboy boots

The strappy sandals are the ultimate hookerlicious all-season, any-occasion chunky-heeled bundles of fun... they kinda channel Ann Dem but with thicker straps.

Cue outfit idea number 2: Magical t-shirt + Bandage skirt + aforementioned shoes


The chunky office wedges have been SOLD.

Still up for sale though are:

Size: UK 6/EU 39
Condition: Worn once
Price: £25 (including postage to UK)
(RRP £34.99 from the River Island website)

And also...

Size: UK 5/EU 38 BUT they run small and would suit a UK4/EU37
Condition: Worn once in THIS post
Price: £8 (including postage to UK)
(RRP £15)

Contact me if you want either pair and do it QUICKLY because I leave for Hong Kong this weekend. I'll bring them back with me and send them from there, but you have to say so otherwise I won't bring them and you will not be united with your perfect summer sandal/plimsoll.... tee hee.

Z xoxo

PS. Win a SATC "Carrie" style necklace HERE

Wednesday, 22 July 2009



Multi-strap black wedges from Office
Size: UK6/EU39
Condition: Brand new in box
Price: £55 (including postage to U.K.)
(RRP £80 but sold out everywhere anyway)

(which is amazing, by the way. Check out their blog for more details)



Size: UK 6/EU 39
Condition: Worn once (in picture below)
Price: £25 (including postage to UK)
(RRP £34.99 from the River Island website)



Size: UK 4
Condition: Worn once (in pictures)
Price: £35 (including postage to U.K.)
(RRP £68.90 from the website - click link above)

I ship internationally too so if you are interested, email me or leave a comment for postage rates!

because the night time is the right time


Went shopping around Notting Hill recently and fondled the A.Wang leather, made-famous-by-Olsen, studded underside bag and some gorgeous Balmain and Givenchy pieces. I died a little inside. I almost didn't believe that clothes/bags like that existed in real life.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Topshop, why would you do this to me?

How much more of my money do they want to take away? Topshop will be my downfall. I swear that if I ever end up homeless, it will be because I have squandered my money away on shoes. You'd find me sitting in/clutching a pile of Topshop shoes worth thousands of pounds which I have refused to let go of. Hahaha.

[PS. 80th post :) Yay]

My new wedges from Office. I've been staring at these since they appeared in store.. I love the 70s vibe about them and the gorgeous suede wedge doesn't hurt either.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

You know you've got it if it makes you feel good

Summer fragrance of choice - Azahar by Adolfo Dominguez.
A beautiful scent gifted from the boy, brought back from Spain.
-- I love reading perfume descriptions, don't you?

"Azahar is Spanish for orange blossom and it's easy to see the word is derived from the Arabic, like so many names for beautiful things in Spanish (azzahár in Andalusian Arabic meaning the same, stemming from the Arabic "zahr" for flowers).

Azahar begins with zesty orange citrus, a refreshing and natural aroma, blended with soft floral notes, making for a slightly sweet general impression.

The main scent here is the citrus though: orange flowers, orange treebark, orange leaves, neroli, and bergamot that makes it shine, evoking light and sun with a fresh spring topnote that follows into very stimulant midnotes and still refreshing basenotes.

We recommend Azahar if you are seeking a pleasant mixture of zesty and sweet orange with a subtle floral complement It is almost like walking into an orange grove with grapefruit trees and soft white roses.

What indeed could one associate more closely with Southern Spain, its breathtaking landscapes, pueblos blancos, its rich Arabic heritage and gitano folklore, than the scent of Azahar, wafting through the nocturnal streets of Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada or Jeréz."


Other summer constants?
Topknots, slutty/bodycon dresses and boots.

Crushed velvet dress - Vintage
Boots - Ebay


Z xoxo

Sunday, 12 July 2009


I thought the title was so good I had to capitalise it.

Today was spent walking along the Thames riverbank in West London with my family today after eating Indonesian prawn curry in an amazing gastropub... absolutely gorgeous.

The bling (and my daisy necklace).
The simple silver ring has my boarding school motto engraved on it - Very sorority girl.

My new favourite pair of jeans.

*** DIY DIY DIY ***
I made this bag myself from the leg of an old pair of jeans I turned into cut-offs. Even I was impressed by the result, considering how crap I am at sewing!!

Hat: H&M
Cardigan: From Hong Kong
Tank top: Kate Moss for Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Aldo


Glad you liked the Glasto pictures :) Sorry I basically repeated the same outfit twice, hahaha.

Big blog love,
Z xoxo

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Glastonbury 2009

(As I said in the post before: Same outfit + wellies + studded army jacket)


Sunshine - Teepees - Chocolate chai - Tom Jones - Muddy fields - A rainbow of wellies - Huge crowds of music lovers - Michael Jackson tributes - The best strawberries & cream smoothie ever - The best mango/strawberry smoothie ever - A huge yorkshire pudding filled with warm mash and meat - The cider bus - More sunshine - Bat for Lashes - Mint choc chip and banana crunch ice cream - Blur - Cooling rain droplets on our faces - More chocolate chai - Being disgusted by the rubbish that people throw on the floor - Echo and the Bunnymen - More cider - Sunburn - Chilling in the teepee - Using the awful moroccan toilets - Drunkenly running around the stages as night falls - Passing by Peaches performing - Black Eyed Peas - Stumbling back to the Teepee via Trash City - Collapsing in a contented heap.


Friday, 3 July 2009

the graduate

I got my results back today and am pleased with them :) I no longer have to dread that I can't apply for jobs in my field because of their competitive entrance requirements (it's like applying for university all over again!). Now I REALLY feel like a graduate and it's liberating!

Threw together an outfit with the few items I grabbed before I ran to Oxford (again). I wore this dress (& the headband) to Glastonbury and it was perfectly light and airy, even if I did get raging sunburn on my shoulders and chest.

Firstly, here's a photo of Oxford at sunset... so pretty. Would you believe all of these photos were taken on a little 3.2MP camera Sony Ericsson mobile phone?

Headband: Monsoon kids
Sunglasses: H&M
Dress: Topshop
Necklace: From Venice
Belt: Uniqlo
Satchel: Belongs to the boy, from Esprit
Boots: MY NEW BABIES - Loblan

Saw an old acquaintance at a club in Oxford and she had these on in black... I demanded to know where she got them from and ran out the next day to get a pair for myself! I got them in brown because I'm trying to wean myself off black boots (how many pairs do I have already???) and it's a bit more summery :)

Check out the Loblan plaque and the huge metal stud on the underside of the boot... the leather on these is absolutely gorgeous. They were pricey but completely worth it.

Weather is gorrrrrgeous and it hasn't rained yet!

Z xoxo

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

shop online like crack cocaine


  • I didn't take my digital camera to Glasto...... GASPPPPP I KNOW SORRY. I thought I might drop it or lose it in a puddle of mud or something, so you'll have to wait until I develop my wind-and-snap drugstore cameras.

  • The title of this post refers to my obsessive purchasing from amazon/ebay/topshop website during the past 6 months or so. Most of the new items I have bought in that time have come from those 3 online shops. I am officially an online shopping addict.

  • RIP Michael Jackson. Your music will live on forever.

Check out her blog for the pictures of the actual people there.. sorry Chel, I didn't take pictures of anyone, only of the food hahaha

A take on egg and soldiers... had gorgeous smoked eel and a green veg puree. Yum.

My yummy skate cooked in brown butter.

The unidentifiable (but apparently delicious) meat which we later found out was deer.




Remember these wedges which I tried to sell cus they were a little too small for me?

Well, no one on ebay wanted them so I thought, sod it, I'll just keep the damn things for myself. I cut the cross straps at the front and re-sewed them straight across the foot to make them looser.


They're all mine now muahaha, now I don't need to buy new summer wedges!


Time to catch up on blogs!! Mwah x

Z xoxo