Sunday, 12 July 2009


I thought the title was so good I had to capitalise it.

Today was spent walking along the Thames riverbank in West London with my family today after eating Indonesian prawn curry in an amazing gastropub... absolutely gorgeous.

The bling (and my daisy necklace).
The simple silver ring has my boarding school motto engraved on it - Very sorority girl.

My new favourite pair of jeans.

*** DIY DIY DIY ***
I made this bag myself from the leg of an old pair of jeans I turned into cut-offs. Even I was impressed by the result, considering how crap I am at sewing!!

Hat: H&M
Cardigan: From Hong Kong
Tank top: Kate Moss for Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Aldo


Glad you liked the Glasto pictures :) Sorry I basically repeated the same outfit twice, hahaha.

Big blog love,
Z xoxo


  1. Those jeans look sooo great on you!
    I'm jealous of your legs! :)

  2. That bag looks great! Sounds like such a great day, I love walking down the southbank on a sunny day. That meal sounds delish!

  3. <3 the floppy white hat! perfect to keep the rays away :]
    diy! so fun :D

  4. Love the hat! I have been looking for the perfect floppy hat like yours :]

  5. Wow great job on the bag! And the jeans are lovely too =)

  6. love the floppy wide-brimmed hat! you did such a great job with the diy.. matter of fact, this is one of my favorite looks on you! so perfect and well coordinated!

    much love


  7. love your cardigan and you did a great job with the bag!

  8. The jeans are a great fit!

  9. i love your summer hat and DIY jeans..


  10. you look fabulous...I love this on you!

  11. I love the hat, jeans and shoes!

    lovely blog you have here. Have a wonderful day x

  12. Wow, great DIY. I can't sew to save my life (well, maybe except for attaching a button that has fallen off). Love the hat as well. Missing London already.

  13. thanks for your lovely comment :)

    I adore those jeans by the way, DIY perfection. And the bag too, that's an awesome DIY. I'm already looking at it and going "studs, studs, studs" :D

  14. I love the jeans love the distressed look. As always a great look.

    Love Jojo x

  15. The floppy hat is amazing and so summery. You're making me want one. Then again, I end up buying hats I never wear. Work that look though! The jeans are so hot, too. Also, I'm in love with your DIY bag. You're so crafty!

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