Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Worn with biker boots for daytime

And patent stiletto heels for night


  • I'm going through a phase of CAPITALISING my blog post titles...
  • I am SO DAMN TIRED from rushing about doing university stuff, but it feels so great to be back in central london again!
  • The lip colour I'm wearing is "Medieval" by Lipstick Queen from Space NK. It is a gorgeous sheer red that's pigmented enough to give my lips a bee-stung blush but subtle enough to wear during the day. I absolutely LOVE IT!! Totally recommended - click this link to see the product on their website (sold out :( on the UK site).
  • LASTLY.... I returned the white leather jacket (thank you guys for helping me see the light). I was already inclined to return it but you all helped me make a definite decision to do so!
  • BUT........ I bought something else whilst I was there!!!!! I'll show you guys soon. Don't you hate it when that happens? When you go in to return something and come out with something new... its like they cancel each other out, in your head anyway.


I'm still shopping around for a lovely giveaway prize :)

Much love,
Z xoxo

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The two loves of my life

1. Hong Kong

2. London

I'm leaving for London tonight, my joint-favourite city in the world. Unfortunately, it ranks joint number 1 with Hong Kong.

I don't know how to feel... Just looking at that picture of Hong Kong makes me miss it already and I haven't even left yet. I know that being able to live and fall in love with both places means that I am so very lucky but sometimes the identity crisis of not knowing definitely what 'home' means gets tiring.

Summer has been fun but I guess it's time to clear out the cotton wool and dead flies from my brain and get back down to work. Hopefully the outfit posts from London will be more interesting as I'll be able to wear more than 1 layer of clothes! And my Topshop package containing my first-day-of-uni outfit will be waiting for me when I arrive :)

Finally, my 100th post is coming up (the 1 year blogiversary passed me by ages ago) and I'll definitely be having a giveaway for that so stay tuned :) Thank you to each and every one of you who passes my blog, whether you leave a comment or not - it really makes my day.

Big love,
Z xoxo


Just went for a final swim and sunbathe so that I can have good memories of this gorgeous weather through the bracing English winter.

I know you can see my reflection... ahem. Professional photographer I am not.

Goodbye Hong Kong!

My airplane outfit (to be worn with Dr Martens):
L-R: Black leggings, grey cardigan, 3-toned scarf, leather jacket, white tee and silky patterned skirt.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Bank balance in pain, Christopher Kane

I just majorly succumbed to the Topshop website and its hypnotic allure. Specifically, the allure of the Christopher Kane collection (amongst other things...!!!)

DAMN DAMN DAMN. Why does this always happen????????? When I show my purchases to you guys, please help me feel better about myself by justifying them with me!

(But.. but.. I'll wear the items forever and they basically form a perfect 1st day of uni outfit though... here I go, already trying to justify the purchase!!)


Hong Kong has been TOO FREAKING HOT for any sort of coherent outfit, but I wore this for an evening of cocktails with a good friend. Ironically, I wore a white blazer over this in the actual cocktail bar because of the freezing air conditioning that is the hallmark of all indoor activity in Hong Kong. It's going to be a shock when I get back to the UK and everything reverses (hot, stuffy central heating and freezing outdoor weather)!

(Which answers Bel's question - No, I'm not in HK for good.. just here for a long holiday before my masters degree begins. I'm staying in London for that.. can't drag me away from my beloved birth city!)


The H&M studded skirt my mum picked out for me:

Worn with Enzo Angiolini shoes:

And my well-worn, buttery soft Russell&Bromley leather bag:


Lastly, I'm deciding on an investment piece to kickstart my autumn/winter wardrobe.

1. Gap sheepskin ankle boots
2. Mulberry satchel
3. Those damned Acne wedges that won't leave me alone
4. H&M divided studded leather jacket
5. A quality pair of brown leather brogues
6. An oversized leather clutch (that one is Stella McCartney)
7. A proper watch (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
8. Some of that sexy Dominic Jones jewellery.

Was denken Sie?

Z xoxo

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bitch please, I'm chinese

Partying tonight. Thunderstorm schmunderstorm.

I love the vibrant colours and the versatility of this dress. Can't decide which way I prefer wearing it so I often end up switching in the middle of the night on the dancefloor!!

One shouldered


Can't let a post go by without me embarassing myself...

Admiring the view from my balcony! It started pouring with rain a few minutes after I took this.

Dress: Cotton On
Flip flops: Havaianas
Belt: Arrogant Cat
Sunglasses: H&M

I always forget to give outfit details!


The gorgeous Nina is having a make up giveaway for her blog readers :)

Big kiss,
Z xoxo

Monday, 14 September 2009

Typhoon season

More snippets of summer:

  • Amusingly overpriced fish fingers. This converts to over FIVE POUNDS. Not that anyone who has eaten the local food in Hong Kong would ever buy fish fingers...
  • The streets of Lamma island at night. I fell in love with this place - beautiful and fairly unadultered. Not a supermarket or drugstore in sight - something very rare in this commercialised world.
  • More seafood in Lamma island. I felt sort of cruel when he arrived at the table knowing I had personally selected him from his tank about 10 minutes earlier!
  • Close up of that dress I'm wearing in the picture with the yellow building. Attempting a jumping shot in front of the ruins of a cathedral. Evidently, it's really hard for me to take normal pictures, hahaha.
  • Shek O beach - far away but completely worth it. I almost drowned in the huge waves here!
  • Like I said, Shek O beach - completely worth it.


That all said, typhoons have hit Hong Kong again and I'm starting to pine for the mild UK weather!

Z xoxo

PS. Bought some exciting things from H&M yesterday! My mum picked out the studded item... I was very impressed.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Autumn wishlists

A great house party brings to mind good friends, finger food, snuggly duvets, fairy lights and alcohol. Comfort is key - simple ballet flats, easy flared jeans and slubby beanie - and a smoky eye and an interesting lip colour round off the look perfectly. I adore the hooked feather earring and am determined to find something similar. Good underwear always makes you feel good about yourself and the pretty lace looks wonderful peeking out from underneath a simple tank top or off-the-shoulder tee.

I'm getting excited about layering up again for fall - it's a magical, perfect season because its cold enough to require more than just a t-shirt but warm enough to not need a billion layers! (Yes, I go fairly overboard with the layering in winter time... I am stupidly scared of being cold). I am childishly gleeful to be able to wear my fur trapper hat again but if I were to get a new one this season, the grey one below would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. How rad are those gold sequinned slouch shorts? Or is it just me? I'd pair them with tights, that silk blue shirt and some studded ankle boots.
I am SO tempted to get the burgundy Emma Cooks. BUT I ALREADY HAVE THE PEACH ONES. Talk me out of this obsession readers! :)


On a completely unrelated note - The new pre-fall issue of i-D magazine is... disappointingly BAD. Full of spelling mistakes, the editorials look shoddy and the lighting/photography just seems to catch the models at bad angles! That shouldn't happen! Arlenis Sosa is so gorgeous from the front on, why have they taken so many strange pictures of her profile? There's no wow factor in the pictures and I found myself skimming over most of the articles, finding them uninteresting. Get back on track, i-D :(!


Finally, a few pictures showing where I've been and what I've been doing with my boyfriend, W, in Hong Kong:

- Macau -
- The beach at Lamma island -
- Piri-Piri Prawns and Clams with garlic and parsely YUM. Eaten in a lively Macanese restaurant -

Z xoxo

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Vintage ASOS

Does anyone remember the time when ASOS wasn't full of catwalk videos and 360 degree views?
When it literally was just a website with crap pictures of dodgily sized clothing and shoes, all branded ASOS (none of this balenciaga and chloe bag baloney)?
When the site was full of clothes that looked so tempting but were cheap enough to get you through exam period blues (i.e. no time to waste going out shopping)?
I do.

Sorry for the extreme lack of updates... my boyfriend and I have been gallavanting around Hong Kong like a pair of ultimate tourists and combined with my internet connection not working for some reason, there has literally been no time to blog whatsoever :(
But I haven't disappeared, don't worry! I am still reading all your blogs at whatever chance I can get and will go on a huge commenting spree when the boy leaves town tomorrow.
Anyway I must dash as we are off to ride a chinese junk!

Miss you all, speak soon!
Z xoxo