Saturday, 12 September 2009

Autumn wishlists

A great house party brings to mind good friends, finger food, snuggly duvets, fairy lights and alcohol. Comfort is key - simple ballet flats, easy flared jeans and slubby beanie - and a smoky eye and an interesting lip colour round off the look perfectly. I adore the hooked feather earring and am determined to find something similar. Good underwear always makes you feel good about yourself and the pretty lace looks wonderful peeking out from underneath a simple tank top or off-the-shoulder tee.

I'm getting excited about layering up again for fall - it's a magical, perfect season because its cold enough to require more than just a t-shirt but warm enough to not need a billion layers! (Yes, I go fairly overboard with the layering in winter time... I am stupidly scared of being cold). I am childishly gleeful to be able to wear my fur trapper hat again but if I were to get a new one this season, the grey one below would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. How rad are those gold sequinned slouch shorts? Or is it just me? I'd pair them with tights, that silk blue shirt and some studded ankle boots.
I am SO tempted to get the burgundy Emma Cooks. BUT I ALREADY HAVE THE PEACH ONES. Talk me out of this obsession readers! :)


On a completely unrelated note - The new pre-fall issue of i-D magazine is... disappointingly BAD. Full of spelling mistakes, the editorials look shoddy and the lighting/photography just seems to catch the models at bad angles! That shouldn't happen! Arlenis Sosa is so gorgeous from the front on, why have they taken so many strange pictures of her profile? There's no wow factor in the pictures and I found myself skimming over most of the articles, finding them uninteresting. Get back on track, i-D :(!


Finally, a few pictures showing where I've been and what I've been doing with my boyfriend, W, in Hong Kong:

- Macau -
- The beach at Lamma island -
- Piri-Piri Prawns and Clams with garlic and parsely YUM. Eaten in a lively Macanese restaurant -

Z xoxo


  1. Looks like you had a great time in hong kong! I haven't been to a beach in ages.

    Fall isn't coming here to Texas fast enough. I know what you mean, soon it will be the perfect weather to be ultra fashionable. I really like that geometric dress in your second collage :]

  2. Jealous of your lovely time in HK. Hopefully I can go back there next summer or when my course finishes!

    About your Arcadia Q! They basically got in touch with me pretty much out of the blue and sent me the invite to the blogger event a few weeks ago.

    I asked them why they had chosen me and they told me that they chose the bloggers not necessarily on the basis of how many comments/readership but generally if they've come across your blog and enjoy reading them! I think if you just got in contact with their press team you might be in luck!

  3. the first paragraph description is perfect! i love it lol so descriptive! :D
    wonderful picks and beautiful photos!

  4. Lovely pictures from Hong Kong! I wish I could visit there someday :)


  5. that shrimp looks so yummy and spicy! love spicy shrimp haha. and those looks u put together are awesome, great pieces! :)


  6. get those atacomas! so much more worthwhile than the new emma cooks. i thought the old ones were much nicer; you're very lucky to have a pair!! also, sequin booty shorts FTW :D

  7. Check out my coverage of NY Fashion Week Spring 2010 and follow for updates


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