Monday, 21 September 2009


Hong Kong has been TOO FREAKING HOT for any sort of coherent outfit, but I wore this for an evening of cocktails with a good friend. Ironically, I wore a white blazer over this in the actual cocktail bar because of the freezing air conditioning that is the hallmark of all indoor activity in Hong Kong. It's going to be a shock when I get back to the UK and everything reverses (hot, stuffy central heating and freezing outdoor weather)!

(Which answers Bel's question - No, I'm not in HK for good.. just here for a long holiday before my masters degree begins. I'm staying in London for that.. can't drag me away from my beloved birth city!)


The H&M studded skirt my mum picked out for me:

Worn with Enzo Angiolini shoes:

And my well-worn, buttery soft Russell&Bromley leather bag:


Lastly, I'm deciding on an investment piece to kickstart my autumn/winter wardrobe.

1. Gap sheepskin ankle boots
2. Mulberry satchel
3. Those damned Acne wedges that won't leave me alone
4. H&M divided studded leather jacket
5. A quality pair of brown leather brogues
6. An oversized leather clutch (that one is Stella McCartney)
7. A proper watch (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
8. Some of that sexy Dominic Jones jewellery.

Was denken Sie?

Z xoxo


  1. That skirt is beyond. I am always drawn towards the Constellation like pieces myself. :)

    Hope all is well, Gorgeous!


  2. GET THE ACNE WEDGES AND THE MULBERRY BAG...which are also two of my favourite things right now. Im planning on investing in that Alexa mulberry satchel that she's been toting around this week. CANT WAIT! also yeah its fking hot but FREEZING in my office. seriously i think i got the flu just from going to work -.-

    when you leaving hk?

  3. Those Acne wedges are calling out to me.

  4. acne shoes & leather brogues FTW definitely! omg some sick part of me desperately wishes i were back in london just so i could access topshop every week without problems (minus the crazy london traffic but all you do is sit on a bus so it's okay!).

    as for me i am simply spending a year abroad still studying the same thing (bioengineering) as i did back in imperial. i thought the california air would do me good ;) and the ability to shop on american sites freely..hahaha.

    omg and don't worry about the kane obsession...i think there are quite a few people out there who succumbed lol! i can't afford any of those pieces right now booo.

  5. Amazing skirt!! Damn the nearest H&M to me is like an hour away..

  6. go with #2!!!

    I love your has great taste!

  7. Wow, this outfit is great!
    Loving everything from the skirt to the top and the shoes.
    Oh, also backing you up on all the Topshop purchases; can't wait to see the new buys in action ;)

  8. Love.The.Shoes.

    Enough said =)

  9. wow your mom picked that out for you??? she has excellent's awesome!

  10. That studded skirt is a great find! And I love the collage... I need to find me those Gap sheepskin boots. I always hated that about HK... the freezing AC. Ok, I know it's beyond warm outside, but a mild blast of AC would suffice. It does get slightly annoying to drag around a cardigan or jacket all day, just so I don't freeze up in the bus or restaurant. But you're right, in Europe it's exactly the opposite (I actually wear short-sleeved items in the office during the winter months).

    Can't wait to see your Kane for Topshop purchases by the way. I was seriously tempted by the crocodile dress, but I'm worried I might get bored with it. I might still want that studded dress though...

  11. I hate you for making that skirt look amazing, I tried it on and looked awful!

  12. that H&M skirt is beyond belief. love love it:) too bad we don't have H&M here :(

    looking good gorgeous!


  13. cute cute cute.
    Tomorrow x

  14. cute skirt! get the mulbery bag. :)


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