Thursday, 24 September 2009

The two loves of my life

1. Hong Kong

2. London

I'm leaving for London tonight, my joint-favourite city in the world. Unfortunately, it ranks joint number 1 with Hong Kong.

I don't know how to feel... Just looking at that picture of Hong Kong makes me miss it already and I haven't even left yet. I know that being able to live and fall in love with both places means that I am so very lucky but sometimes the identity crisis of not knowing definitely what 'home' means gets tiring.

Summer has been fun but I guess it's time to clear out the cotton wool and dead flies from my brain and get back down to work. Hopefully the outfit posts from London will be more interesting as I'll be able to wear more than 1 layer of clothes! And my Topshop package containing my first-day-of-uni outfit will be waiting for me when I arrive :)

Finally, my 100th post is coming up (the 1 year blogiversary passed me by ages ago) and I'll definitely be having a giveaway for that so stay tuned :) Thank you to each and every one of you who passes my blog, whether you leave a comment or not - it really makes my day.

Big love,
Z xoxo


Just went for a final swim and sunbathe so that I can have good memories of this gorgeous weather through the bracing English winter.

I know you can see my reflection... ahem. Professional photographer I am not.

Goodbye Hong Kong!

My airplane outfit (to be worn with Dr Martens):
L-R: Black leggings, grey cardigan, 3-toned scarf, leather jacket, white tee and silky patterned skirt.


  1. hi, are still selling the emma cook boots? pls contact me.

    but i'm sure london is spectacular..especially at this time of the year. I think my family are planning to visit London next year since my sister will be moving there in October. Exciting!!! Good Luck back at school and I look forward to your London outfit posts!!!

  3. Yay yay a giveaway!

    I have never been to HK but hopefully this december! Shame you wont be there, I would love to do coffee - or tea!

  4. All gawd, reading your post makes me Miss home, have a safe trip back to London and I look forward to your outfit posts.

  5. yay for you going to london :D you'll have to show us your uni outfit too!
    and definatley we'll have to have a blogger's day out when i move over!

  6. Lovely pictures, hong kong looks so colourful and shiny with all the lights! Just think about the massive topshop back in london to cheer you up!

  7. I've just bought tickets to visit London in October and I am soooo excited.

  8. HK always seems such an amazing place, I want to visit so bad! It kinda reminds me of Taipei, which even though I've only ever spent a week there, I still miss sometimes.

  9. wow! am dreaming of London someday.

    enjoy and hope to see photos soon.

    have a great day!

  10. I've never been to Hong Kong, but seeing your pictures I have a massive urge to.

  11. London is one of my favorite place too! I love going to Harrods and Camden.
    Love the skirt. :)


  12. re previous post: i did exactly the same thing, with that very dress! kinda overpriced for what it is though hmm?...

  13. i just got home from hongkong few days ago, i love hong kong. a shopping paradise!!

  14. I've only visited 50% of your love before; London! It's beautiful. Would like to go again, and now must add Hong Kong to my list of places to visit. :)

    The shoes in my post are the most comfortable pair I own. I have no problem walking with ease in those babies. I swear Sam Edelman is a genius! <3

    x, thanks!

  15. i love london too! is an amazing city.
    sale items added.

  16. amazing photos of hk and LONDON. i'm dying to visit england in the near future. if only i had a ton of cash.. lol.


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