Monday, 14 September 2009

Typhoon season

More snippets of summer:

  • Amusingly overpriced fish fingers. This converts to over FIVE POUNDS. Not that anyone who has eaten the local food in Hong Kong would ever buy fish fingers...
  • The streets of Lamma island at night. I fell in love with this place - beautiful and fairly unadultered. Not a supermarket or drugstore in sight - something very rare in this commercialised world.
  • More seafood in Lamma island. I felt sort of cruel when he arrived at the table knowing I had personally selected him from his tank about 10 minutes earlier!
  • Close up of that dress I'm wearing in the picture with the yellow building. Attempting a jumping shot in front of the ruins of a cathedral. Evidently, it's really hard for me to take normal pictures, hahaha.
  • Shek O beach - far away but completely worth it. I almost drowned in the huge waves here!
  • Like I said, Shek O beach - completely worth it.


That all said, typhoons have hit Hong Kong again and I'm starting to pine for the mild UK weather!

Z xoxo

PS. Bought some exciting things from H&M yesterday! My mum picked out the studded item... I was very impressed.


  1. lol at the fish fingers!
    i wish i could help about the atacomas but haven't actually got them yet! the acne cyprus stockist is a friend of mine so i won't be buying them off the site but so far she's only had the pale blue ones delivered - we're still waiting for the blacks. she took a blue pair &said they do run true to size &are fairly comfortable because of the huge platform (ie your foot isn't quite as elevated as you'd think). on the one hand im getting very impatient, on the other i don't mind waiting because they're not cheap (even at 'friends' prices!) and once i buy them, i'll probably be dining on toast and cereal for weeks!
    i can tell you more when (when!???) i get them if you like - and thanks for your comment!

  2. Goodness! Can't believe Fish fingers can cost so much! I love the pictures! The beach looks really cool! xoxoxox

  3. you look so cute and oh my does that crab look delish!

  4. Hahaha at the fish fingers!!

    Looove the photos. It makes me wish more and more for summer to come to my side of the world already!



  6. You look like you're having a blast! I've eaten crab too and felt bad about it. But honestly, if you don't pick them they just die in the tank under all the other crabs.

  7. it looks like you had a great time there! delicious food and great scenery! lol i love the jumping pic!

  8. Alot of imported food is expensive in HK, and I'm sure it's the same worldwide- which is rather unfortunate.

    Having tasted what HK has to offer on the food scene for several years, fish fingers can be a right treat from time to time. Don't get me wrong I LUV the variety we get in HK, but there are days when a plate of fish fingers, baked beans and potato waffles can be a blast! Hence us expats over here have to accept the unreasonably priced FF. :(

  9. I never knew they sold Waitrose Fish Fingers over there. Crazy! Loved all these pics... I'm actually really looking forward to going to HK in Dec (and by then the typhoon season will be over ;-)

    Shek O is definitely one of the nicer beaches. I was dragged to Stanley and Repulse Bay last time and it just wasn't the same. Love Lamma Island though! I prefer it to the others because it's smaller and not full of hikers. Hope your'e still having a fab time! I never really attended FNO in London by the way, but I think it was nowhere near as glam as the NYC version (though a lot of designers and a few celebs made it out).

  10. gosh you'er sooo lucky you still have summer holidays. ENJOY THEM while you still got them!! Wasn't the typhoon completely insane last night?! I live in Clear Water Bay so i can see the see from my window and it was going NUTSSS also there are leaves and branches EVERYWHERE> at least i got to sleep in an extra 2 hours today :D but i ended up getting OFF work really late ):

  11. My mom picked out a studded item for me from HM too! Maybe its the same one...haha...

    I added you to my blog roll! Thanks for the sweet comment!


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