Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Vintage ASOS

Does anyone remember the time when ASOS wasn't full of catwalk videos and 360 degree views?
When it literally was just a website with crap pictures of dodgily sized clothing and shoes, all branded ASOS (none of this balenciaga and chloe bag baloney)?
When the site was full of clothes that looked so tempting but were cheap enough to get you through exam period blues (i.e. no time to waste going out shopping)?
I do.

Sorry for the extreme lack of updates... my boyfriend and I have been gallavanting around Hong Kong like a pair of ultimate tourists and combined with my internet connection not working for some reason, there has literally been no time to blog whatsoever :(
But I haven't disappeared, don't worry! I am still reading all your blogs at whatever chance I can get and will go on a huge commenting spree when the boy leaves town tomorrow.
Anyway I must dash as we are off to ride a chinese junk!

Miss you all, speak soon!
Z xoxo


  1. oh you're in hong kong too!! are you just visiting right now??? how are you feeling about this HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. well not that i really have to experience it since i'm cooped up in the office all day -.-

  2. I REMEMBER!!!!! okay it wasn't THAT cheap but yeah i don't remember all those snazzy brands on ASOS when i was in first year. lol. i remember me and a bunch of friends were so excited about it. online shopping was such a novelty...well it still is but there's just so much choice out there these days. sigh.

  3. gorgeous! been missing your posts a lot.. glad you gave us a lil update... ooh hongkong, just one country away from me! hehe..

    hope youre enjoying it much!


  4. Those boats scared me when I was in Hong Kong... I was 5 at the time though lol

  5. I totally remember the days when ASOS was JUST the brand that they were, but I guess the broad selection that they offer now doesn't hurt a soul apart from the wallet :)

    Hope you're having fun in HK.

  6. Oh no my comment just got deleted. Anyway, I was just saying how you really need to take a flight down here so I can show you our beaches. You'll love it.


  7. Ahh I wish I'd known of Asos then!! Hope your having fun in HK, I want to visit there someday.

  8. Haha oh I remember the olden Asos days!

  9. I'm so jealous that you're in HK! I know what you mean about missing the shopping in the UK when you're out there as the shopping experience is so different!

    When are you coming back to London?

  10. I miss your posts! Be back soon, the blogging world isn't complete without some geisha rock. Hope you are having fun in Hong Kong :]

  11. I don't remember!!! I still love ASOS though but I Can really only afford their jewelry and clearance items!


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