Friday, 9 October 2009

Topshop basics

I didn't go too crazy in the Topshop 20% student shop as I was mainly looking for birthday presents for my sister. I couldn't resist a few basic pieces though and came away with:

  • The cropped stripe t-shirt is super comfy and has little shoulder pads - adorable!
  • The slouchy grey long sleeve tee has buttons up the back - I love pairing it with dressy skirts and heels to make everything more casual - very MK.
  • This isn't the exact print I got but the drapey shape is the same - I want to wear it with bodycon dresses to make a more slouchy silhouette for day.
  • This pink flannel shirt was so soft and comfy and a bit more low key than other plaid shirts - I tried on a more typical plaid coloured shirt (blue/green/red) but it just looked a little TOO plaid to be a tongue in cheek fashion item.

ALSO.. I tried on the thigh high boots and saw this guy laughing openly at me as I paraded around in them. So obviously, I looked hot, hahaha. But in all seriousness, I decided against them because I have both suede and leather slightly-over-the-knee boots that I love but do not wear enough and any new ones would just have contributed to that pile. Plus, living an hour away from university means that I can't wear silly impractical shoes as often as before! C'est la vie.


Sorry about the lack of outfit pictures - I just haven't had time to take pictures of myself recently! This masters course is proving to be pretty hard to settle into..

Hugs and kisses to all my readers - thank you for making this all worthwhile! It's so gratifying to have (virtual) people who appreciate fashion and who don't stare weirdly when I wear too many studded/leather/crocodile emblazoned items of clothing all at once!

Z xoxo


  1. Cute basics! I know how you feel, sometimes only my blog friends understand me haha

  2. Those are sum great basics!

    One Love,



  4. I love the striped cropped top

  5. Love topshop basics they're awesome but sometimes sooo expensive! The tank tops are great though I have them in a couple of colours.

  6. Great basics. I feel the need to shop too!

    I'm in London about once a month because I have friends down there...and it's nice to get out of Brum every now and then!

  7. Ahhhh I dream of the day I can get some thigh high boots. :( it's toooo hot for nuts where I live but eventually!! someday someday X) so lucky you guys get 20% off as students!! heh i applaud you for your self-restraint.

  8. I need a really good crop top! These finds are great. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  9. great basics. can never have enough striped, grey and flannel shirts :D i miss topshop so much!!!

  10. Great purchases! I love the shape of the drapey top. I also admire you for not giving in to your thigh-high boot craving. I often buy stuff I technically already have and get angry at myself for buying more stuff than I can wear. I am currently looking for a perfect pair of thigh-highs though, as ever other boot I have goes below the knee. Fingers crossed I find the perfect pair!

  11. HELLOW!
    Yes so sorry, I didn't respond when you said you lived in Chiswick, that is so coolz. Just now Ellen told me she saw you on the Avenue today hehe (apparantly she stared) Do you remember a mini pig staring at you? Anyway hello from just up Blandford Rd, hope you've been well :D

  12. love the cropped top!



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