Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The problem is simple. My name is Zara and I'm a shoe-aholic.


Now that that's over with, I need you guys to help me choose a new shoe purchase!! I'm bored with my huge shoe collection and want something shiny and new to entertain me.

I'm feeling the urge to splurge. The question is, which shoe?



(1) Sam Edelman Zoe Boot


CONS: Expensive. I mean, these retailed at around $100 when they first came out and are now selling for well over $300. So, same quality, mucho inflated price? Has anyone bought these recently? Can anyone vouch as to whether the quality + style + comfort is worth the money?

(2), (3), (4) Various boots from Clarks

PROS: Sensible, will definitely get a lot of wear out of them, practical, cheapest.

CONS: Not as exciting and sexy as other choices.

(5a) Leather, thigh high, FLAT boots from Topshop

PROS: Amazing

Cons: Do I need these? How will I rock them?
(5b) Thigh high, heeled boots from Topshop

PROS: Amazing

CONS: Pretty woman? HOW will I rock them???

(6) Christopher Kane for Topshop

PROS: Amazing enough to possibly fill the void in my heart left by the Sam Edelmans.

CONS: Impractical? Do I really need another pair of heels?

(7) and (8) Ashish for Topshop

PROS: Amazing. Black or leopard?

CONS: Impractical, especially for a uni student living a fair commute from uni (me).

(9) Topshop chelsea ankle boots

PROS: Again, amazing enough to possibly fill the Sam Edelman-shaped gap in my heart.

CONS: Again, impractical for my student life which involves commuting to and from uni.


I'm also open to other suggestions! Nothing too expensive though :)

Z xoxo


  1. I like #5. If you are careful with what you wear with it, it will work! #4 is probably the best looking out of all the clarks one. They will probably work best if you do need to do ALOT of walking!

  2. I love the flat thigh high boots, theyre beautiful! You must get them.


  3. i like 5 as well! i think they'll go more with everything.

  4. All these options fall more into the fabulous category than the practical category so I say go for #9 as they are super hot and versatile!

  5. zara THE SAM EDELMANS ARE WELL WORTH IT TRUST ME! i have the leopard booties too but the zoes are much more versatile. DO IT!


  6. zara THE SAM EDELMANS ARE WELL WORTH IT TRUST ME! i have the leopard booties too but the zoes are much more versatile. DO IT!


  7. #5, I have two pairs and they are so comfy -easy to walk in and versatile - they go with anything.

    The SAM EDELMANS- Not worth the price, the leather feels cheap and the buckles are flimsy.

  8. I've heard that the Edelmans are actually really comfortable, but I think what would turn me off is that for that price, it's not something you'll likely be wearing 1-2 years from now.

    I'd go for #5 as some here have already pointed out. #6 is VERY pretty woman... I tried them on and got cat calls from at least 8 different people (yeah, it's good if you want to hook up, NOT if you want to wear this out with your guy... people might get the wrong idea why you're together). I find thigh-highs go very well with dresses, long knits over leggings or skinny jeans. So they're pretty versatile.

  9. omg those topshop flat thighhigh boots are seriously amazing. i want them tooooo. apart from those, i'd consider either the sam edelmens..although a con is that they're "trendy" and not classic like that clarks chelsea boots, which is also the other one i'd recommend.

    regardless, they are all awesome and you're lucky to get any of those!!

  10. I actually love the clarks ones.
    They are classic and well made, and will be comfy too!
    I vote the middle clarks pair.

  11. I would go for (1) because they have gorgeous details which won't bore you easily or the flat topshop over the knee boots. Definitly don't go for 2, 3 or 4 when you're already bored with what you own! Buy something special!

  12. Go for 1 just don't tell anyone how much they cost..!!

  13. I am in love with this Top Shop ankle boots! I deffinately would take them.. althought they are not practical..they are soo amazing!

  14. What a fantastic post, I much enjoyed your dilemma and also the amazing selection fo shoes here.

    Fair enough all the shoes here are pretty amazing , especially the heels but if you already asking yourself wether you need another pair, then is because you don' t really.

    I would go for the Topshop flat long one, which goes with skinny jeans and leggings, skirts and even shorts beautifully and plus they are comfortable and very stylish. Best choice in my opinion.

    See you soon.

  15. Well I like the number six and the number seven boots. It looks very sexy.

  16. OMG! I love it all. You can buy all these if you want to.

  17. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  18. Thigh high heeled boots. As long as you start to get used to the heel they look pretty comfortable. try to look for a platform heeled boot so you have more stability :D


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