Saturday, 26 December 2009


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was spent in proper tradition with family and friends, lots of carolling round the piano and huge amounts of food.

It is now cold enough to not bother dressing properly (since a big coat always seems to cover up all my efforts in the end anyway) but I find that a fierce pair of shoes/boots always makes for a great silhouette and adds some interest to my outfits. Also obsessing about rustic feather necklaces and the Sonia Rykiel x H&M pastel coloured lingerie - I have yet to find time to check the collection out... argh!!

I recently bought that raspberry pink skirt - it is amazing for perking up my grey/white/black winter outfits and putting me in a good mood!

How were your Christmases, my lovely bloggers? Get any good presents?

Love and hugs,
Z xoxo


  1. Oh, love raspberry pink for this time of year, it is a suprisingly versatile colour!

  2. All of the shoes in your collage are to die for, like you said, they totally enhance any winter outift. Loving the blog! My Christmas was great, and I hope yours was too!

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  4. my christmas was too filled with a lot of food :) so yummy! also, i love your collage!!! i want to add all those shoes to my collection!

  5. normally i dont click on ppl's polyvore sets but this time i HAD to check out the details of yours. Those gareth pugh shoes are to die for seriously and that vanesaa bruno sweater looks soooo soft and comfy. love this!!

    stay warm girl :D hk's missing you!

  6. Oh I hope you had a fab xmas too! I really want some shoes with buckles like the ones in your polyvore too....


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