Sunday, 17 January 2010


I know this is seriously old news but...

Lara Stone...

is dating David Walliams???

An unlikely pairing in my opinion!

But maybe I'm just too besotted with the gorgeous Bardot-lookalike Lara and I'm jealous ;-)

....OR maybe I've just watched too much Little Britain and cannot take this man seriously!


Anyway, I have another shoe-related question to ask you - my lovely discerning fashionable fellow bloggers.

I have bought these:

But I am wondering whether I should have bought these:


Which will be more useful generally? I'm torn. I know the boots are the practical choice but I've wanted those high heel hiking boots for ages. But I've also wanted the bottom pair for ages. Spring/Summer might suit the flat ankle boots better? Although the heels would also last me. Maybe I should just buy both... If only I had the funds!!

Hugs & kisses,
Z xoxo


  1. get both since they're so different! mwahaha xx --> i moved to wordpress btw

  2. love both of the boots! but i tend to go more for flats since i'm on my feet all day. but if you can handle the pain... go for the heels!

  3. I love both pairs of boots, I'd be tempted by the heeled ones as they are a sensible heel, rather than stiletto and seem versatile. Maybe I'm just jealous though ;)

  4. I love them both and I think you've made a great choice by buying the first one.

    Where did you buy it? I am now thinking of getting one for myself.

  5. The beautiful ones always flock to the funny men... LOL. At the end of the day, you need someone to make you laugh, right? :) And I"m out of the loop on celebrity goss-- so thanks for sharing that!

  6. Whoa, I didn't know that about Lara Stone... very odd choice, but models seem to need someone in their lives who make them laugh. Comedians tend to have pretty hot girlfriends/wives.

    I love both pairs. The top pair is definitely more of a statement shoe, but it's also 'trendier' since it looks A. Wang inspired. The second is one that will always be in fashion, but it's also not something that will spice up your outfit. It just depends what you're looking for in a shoe right now. If you lived in Paris, I'd say the second boot, but you're in London so everything goes!

  7. Haha I didn't know about this, the most unlikely couple ever!! I think you made a great choice on the boots, keep em!

  8. I love those boots. The couples are absolutely absurd paring.

  9. That’s hilarious. I’ve never watch the show but I’m totally freaked out with these images.

  10. the first pair definitely. who cares about comfort these days anyway? what i mean is, they are eye-catchers and they will make every outfit special. i'd get them myself.
    as for lara stone, i had a laugh too. but maybe he's just a funny bloke she likes to spend time with? i don't think she's the superficial type!

  11. OMG I love Little Britain too... so funny :) Mon Mode Blog


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