Saturday, 9 January 2010


When it's summer, I can't wait for winter.

Now it's winter, I'm craving spring.

How crazy stupid amazing is H&M's spring collection?
I've not been in the store recently but this is GOOD.

This red dress is sheer perfection: Raspberry sherbert, MAC Lady Danger lipstick, handfuls of Glace cherries, pastel-coloured footwear, delicate silver jewellery and daisy chains woven through flowing, tousled hair.
It's mine.

Z xoxo


  1. Ah! as always I want it all! Love, love, love that red dress.

  2. ohmy! it looks great i'm so excited now! :]

  3. LOVING The neutral top and shorts one (as well as the colorful print peasant blouse above). Spring seems so far off though :S

  4. I am exactly the same, I'm dreaming of sunshine, a tan and my spring wardrobe! I hope you can check The Fashion Smoke and follow us too :)

  5. There's something about those Topshop lookbooks that feed my crave for the next season to come. If it's summer and i see those pictures of perfectly layered outfits with cozy knits and coats, i want to snap my fingers and make the cold weather come... and vice-versa.
    LOVING the Garden collection!

  6. this collection looks promesing specially the red dress and the frilly shorts

  7. It is just unbelievable. The red dress is a dream and the multicoloured one is to die for!!! I'm so going to H&M as soon as I stop being stuck in the Spanish countryside because of the snow!


  8. Omg.

    Beautifully gorgeous. I want them all!

    I really love your blog its fantastic.

    xx A xx

  9. love it all. so upset there is no h&m near me :(


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