Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Thank you to Jo from New Look for sending me a preview of their S/S 2010 collection. Its all so lovely and happy and pastel coloured! I also love how HEALTHY the model looks!!!! What a nice change. Anyway, these are a few of my favourite looks (with my little comments):


Love this dress, it's so flirty and girly - wear it now with your trusty leather jacket and biker boots and transition seamlessly into spring with a light jacket and bare legs as shown.

Making stripes & stripes work together

I'm sooo ready to embrace maxidresses again for summer and the denim vest is such a cute touch.

This red dress is stunning for partying

Love this jacket. Also love the models hair in this, haha.

This is SO pretty with the juxtaposition of studs//soft patterned floatiness.

This dress is so Breakfast at Tiffanys - I'm actually going to buy this when I see it in store next!

I may have to buy this too.

This is such an adorable little mini-trench.

A gorgeous pink gingham dress to start off a S/S wardrobe!


Quick Topshop picks:


Yesss the ASHISH shoes are in! I can't decide if they're too BLINGBLING for my wardrobe though. Probably. Never usually stops me though...



Love the shark graffiti dress - its so edgy and perfect for parties. Wooden wedges are very on-trend at the moment and the grey leather is muted enough to just complement the dress witohut making it look too WAG.


And.... the AGP (Army Green Parka) is still going strong (in my opinion!). I bought my version about 4 years ago from Urban Outfitters and studded it and I plan to continue wearing it throughout spring 2010!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day and/or happy Chinese New Year!

Z xoxo