Thursday, 18 March 2010

london fashion weekend - what i bought

Hello lovelies!

I'm SO overdue with this post! Sorry, I've been such a bad blogger :) I've been commuting between different towns for the past few months and I've hardly had any time to sit down and read blogs let alone update my own :( But things have settled back down to normal now and I've squeezed in time for a London Fashion Weekend update!

The post title is referring to the fact that I simply cannot stop wearing black! The weather has started to perk up and spring is on its way but I'm so attached to my monochromatic wardrobe... is anyone having the same problem??


London Fashion Weekend purchases:

Firstly, this cute bag that I thought would help ease me into springtime - I love the woven detail in the handle and the grey rope gives it a nautical vibe.

Secondly, this adorable relaxed waisted miniskirt in a light summery denim - its super comfortable and came with the cutest label:

Thirdly and Fourthly, this adorable purple glittery wallet (with equally sparkly green lining, yay!) and navy blue patent make-up bag from Anna Lou of London.

Also, just wanted to show you guys 2 things that I bought and returned:

(a) These green skinny army pants from Topshop - they looked amazing and are SO on trend but after wearing them indoors for an hour, I had DEEP imprints of the sewing detail on my kneecaps/thighs/etc and it hurt!! Not well thought out.. they need a lining or something.

(b) These insane-in-the-membrane wedge shoes from New Rock - they turned out to be a little more insane than they looked in the photo online and they also made my toes numb after wearing them for a few hours SITTING DOWN.. I don't think these are made for my feet!



  1. LOL, you bad blogger, you. ;)

    Glad to have you back. How have things been? Love the pretty clutches/wallets in pastel colors.


  2. AAAAH. amazing post, you make me crazy black lace one shoulder dressing, and shopping.

    Yes! Let's exchange links!

  3. I love this post! Your outfit is so pretty. And I'm lusting after your new bag big time!

  4. I love that black lace dress! Great post!

  5. I remember New rocks! I had some of the boots back in the goth days haha. I still have them now infact!


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