Friday, 12 March 2010

GIVEAWAY - Reebok EasyTone shoes and kit!

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I'm sure you will all have seen some sort of variation on these adverts in your favourite magazines and gazed enviously at her effortlessly summer-ready body...

Time to wake up and stop dreaming because Reebok has kindly given one of my readers the opportunity to be a trialist of their new EasyTone(tm) shoes!

What's the hype all about? Well, I'll take their description from the Reebok website first:


Look out, sharp curves ahead.

The EasyTone Curve, built on Reebok’s patented muscle-toning sole technology, creates a slight instability, much like walking on sand.

They encourage toning through increased muscle activation in three key areas of the leg: the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and calves. Up to 28%, in fact.

Like we said, sharp curves ahead.
  • EasyTone balance pod technology encourages up to 11% more toning in the hamstrings and calves, and up to 28% in the glutes

  • Synthetic/mesh upper for comfort, support and breathability

  • Dual density medial post provides superior stability, while adjustable heel strap reduces heel slippage

  • SmoothFit design ensures minimal rub and ultimate comfort


Another example of a pair of EasyTone gym shoes.

And DEFINITELY have a look at their super-techie EasyTone microsite which has a cool interactive video of a girl going through her day with her EasyTones.

Watch the TV clips for more inspiration and information :)


What's so special about EasyTones (in my humble opinion)?

Reebok has developed these shoes to help us all tone up for summer! Studies have shown that the balance ball-inspired technology at the heel and forefoot of the shoe give the effect of walking on soft ground and this encourages increased gluteal, hamstring and calves muscle activity.

To cut a long story short, these shoes will help tone up your butt, legs and calves!

...Or as Reebok say themselves:
"Better legs and a better butt with every step"


(what ya'll have been reading for)

Reebok has given me the opportunity to give away a trialist kit to one of my readers!

This kit will include a pair of EasyTone trainers and a training kit which includes a 2 gym tops (one tank top style and one zip up/hoodie style), a pair of gym pants, a gym bag and a pedometer.

Unfortunately for overseas readers, this is only open to UK readers & those from the Republic of Ireland.

All you need to do to enter is:

(a) Follow me - Google friend connect, bloglovin' or just via your blogroll.

(b) Leave a comment under this entry with your email address OR send me an email with "Reebok competition" in the subject line at lebilletdoux (at) gmail (dot) com - I would love it if you could share what your favourite type of workout/exercise is too!

(P.S. If you leave your email address in the form geisha (at) gmail (dot) com, rather than, you're less likely to get spam mail)


Once I randomly select a winner (who will be trialing the EasyTone shoes and kit along with me), I will send you details of how to sign up on the Reebok EasyTone website and how to get your trialist kit!

The idea is to give Reebok feedback on how you feel about the Easytone shoes and they have been so generous to give us bloggers the opportunity to try them out.

A huge thank you to Reebok and all the lovely people who have contacted me about this opportunity!


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  6. everyone is raving about EasyTone i would like to give the a whirl i have just started power walking/jogging and would be intresting to try the difference

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