Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I was so bummed out to have missed out on London Fashion Week itself (I intend to go next year and nothing will stop me!! I've missed it enough times) but I made it to London Fashion Weekend with my sister, the shopping event that takes place the weekend after LFW at the same venue (Somerset House).

It's basically a huge sample sale where you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories from a variety of designers from Vivienne Westwood to Mawi to DKNY to Juicy Couture. I snapped a few crappy pictures on my phones camera (bad blogger!) to document my day. I'll post my purchases and a few more photos next update!


A gorgeous khaki trench with insane embellishment

A nubbly, snuggly, alpaca cardigan.. I would've bought this but I have to tell myself that spring/summer is coming and I need to focus on that wardrobe now!

All Saints-style necklaces - totally DIYable with a few keys and a couple of chains. Go forth and create, fellow bloggers! :)

This crazy gladiator ankle boot thingy mesmerised me for a good 3 minutes. Soooo impractical.

Patent clutches and cute kitschy necklaces from Anna Lou of London - this place has the most amazing range of accessories (and one of my purchases came from here!).

Lungta de Fancy - A korean/japanese (not sure which) designed & British made line that made this crazy/sexy/cool tinselly purple body-con dress! Tempted by this too BUT I just ordered a T by Alexander Wang purple body-con dress and can't justify another!

A few miscellaneous shots of Somerset house:

One of my purchases was this waisted baby blue "workers skirt" from American Retro (I think)! Tried it on and couldn't push through the crowd to a mirror so I got my sister to snap a few pictures of it. Can't wait to wear it in summer with little tank tops and corset bras.

Happy after a day of shopping!

Sister moved backwards to include the full pile of our bags on the floor... sooo exhausted!

Hugs and kisses,
Geisha xoxo


  1. Oh I so wish I could have gone to either events haha.

  2. Omigosh you did so well with the shopping! I might have to stay in London for longer next time after fashion week, looks like you can score some awesome bargains!



  4. I made it to fashion week but had to go back home before the weekend. too bad I missed this sale! :-(
    But I'm happy for you! ;-)

  5. seems like such a fun time :) Enjoy your purchases!

  6. Wow shopping how fun yay!


  7. that loos like so much fun im jealous
    you look really lovely in that dress:)

  8. Fantastic pieces, love all the detail shots. You look fabulous, babe!

  9. Fun pics! Feels like I went with you haha. Yeah, with the Olympics, I totally missed FW too! Sooo out of the loop :P


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