Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palettes

A welcome distraction from my revision:

Top left: Bohemian
Top right: Original
Bottom left: Storm
Bottom right: Sunset


Reviews will follow once I'm done with exams :)


But of course, I couldn't resist swiping and trying a few colours!

Quick notes:
  • I ordered at 3am Tuesday morning (burning the midnight oil) and they arrived 10am Wednesday morning. Seriously GOOD delivery service Sleek!

  • Lovely, pigmented shadows that are highly blendable. Amazing quality considering they cost £4.99 each.

  • All the palettes are gorgeous, but Storm is my favourite (because I am drawn towards dark moody colours... can't break out of my winter colour scheme!)

  • The red eyeshadows in the Sunset palette stained my eyelid for a bit.. Weird.

  • Get your greedy little hands on these babies at Sleek MakeUp's website.

G xoxo

PS. I've cut my hair off...

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own moolah for purposes of review and general make up-related enjoyment.

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  1. Whoa, so many colors! And that's some nifty packaging.... can't wait to see these on you. Oh and we need to see you with your new hair as well!


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