Monday, 10 May 2010

Dear Topshop, You've got some balls, Love Geisha.


It's back in stock! Yay, wahoo, yipee, hooray! - say the general population of clog lovers.

Or you could..


To remind yourself that they were actually £75 when they were first came out. A few months ago.

And now they're £80.

That's £5 more because, well, just because.

Can you say "cashing-in-on-the-hype"?

Yours passive-aggressively :)
Geisha xoxo

PS. Who am I kidding, they're already selling out 2nd time around anyway. For every person (me) who is put off by the fact that DJ Phillip has managed to completely re-price an item within a few months purely because his eyes are full of dollar/pound signs, there are 5 other people willing to go buy it, eh?

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  1. ahhhh this really pissed me off when we had to do the mark ups in store, just because they're in 'trend' topshop have got greedy :S notice they're doing this more often


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