Sunday, 9 May 2010

Emma Watson at the 2010 Costume Institute Gala

To be honest, Emma Watson has never really impressed me as an actress. I love the Harry Potter books but I feel that the harry-ron-hermione acting in the film franchise is sub-standard. I love Snape though.

BUT... I have to admit she looked stunning at the Costume Institute Gala (albeit a bit weirdly bronzed-californian rather than the interesting-and-pale english rose that we're used to.)

I'm not digging the shoes but the dress (custom made Burberry by her escort Christopher Bailey), in my opinion, is just the right combination of sexy and youthful. I think I like it because it reminds me of a one-shouldered Kate Moss for Topshop dress that I bought from her first collection (the only good one.. sigh). But I love the ruffle detail and I actually like the slit and the length. It just works for me, somehow. I want that dress! (If you're listening, Chris).

What do you all think?

Her make up was also lovely and glowing and her hair looked really pretty.

Penny for your thoughts: How do I get subtle waves/curls like this in my shoulder length hair?? Curling irons just make my hair go into little pig-tail curls (and I mean literal pig tails. Like the curly fleshy things at the end of pigs) that look less wavy-goddess and more street-corner-chic.

I just bought a Babyliss pro conical wand on the advice of the gorgeous Tanya of pixi2woo, but I bought it in the biggest barrel size (19-32mm) because I can't stand tight little curls. I tried curling my hair today and well, the barrel is kind of big for my shoulder length hair. Fail.

Does anyone else have this conical curling wand or just a conical wand in any other brand? Any tips for making it work? I guess maybe I should have just gone with the smaller barrel, huh.



  1. I loved her dress too, white is a great color on her.

    As for the hair, I'd suggest buying just a normal half inch hair curler and just wrap strands of hair around it. Don't use the clamp to curl it.

    Thats what I did for my prom and it came out some what looking like Emma's hair.

  2. Woah that dress is amazing.

    Blogger ate the comment you left on my blog before I got chance to read it properly, but thank you <3

  3. Love the dress - I feel like the slit would have been better at the side though?
    Have you tried french plaiting your hair from the very top, when wet then blow dry until it's 80% dry, take it out and let it air dry the last 20%.

  4. She was one of my favorites too. The dress hugged her body so perfectly!
    As to wavy hair i never used a curling iron, but i do curl my hair with a straightening iron. It'd be a mess if i try to explain how by writing it (and probably you already know how, if not you can always check YouTube)... so maybe you could try that to make smaller curls?

  5. I looove Emma's look at the ball. I must admit though she could've used the slit in her dress a bit better, but it was a very stylish look for her =)


  6. She did look pretty didn't she? Thanks for the comment.

    Much Love

  7. remington airwave hair dryer??? not sure if it's available in the uk...but it gives me waves like this

    i know it doesn't look that wavy, but keep in mind that my hair was madd long and it was the end of the day and my hair normally can't hold a curl to save its life :P after i cut my hair, though, i found that the remington airwave was the only thing that would give me waves that didn't make me look like a poodle!


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