Wednesday, 26 May 2010


1. Topshop have done it again.

I wrote about the clog re-pricing phenomenon first HERE, where these Prima Sling Clogs went from £75 to £80 in a matter of months.

Now, DJ P Green and his hype-harnessing team are back in the game with the Sienna clogs - I bought them for £68. They are now back in stock for... £70. I know it's only £2 but its the principle of the matter!

But people will still buy them anyway, right?


2. Love these Phillip Lim leggings.

(Click to enlarge)

Photos from Cheapskate Chic

Could be because they kinda remind me of my Siwy jeans.



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  1. Wow, those leggings are fab! I've noticed the pricing thing as well, especially in the UK. I was convinced that places like Zara and H&M did it to adapt to the Euro (since the pound was so low compared to it), but it doesn't really explain why Topshop would do it.


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