Monday, 21 June 2010

Victoria Beckham CAN look good

Thank you guys for your sweet comments on your last post :) I have been a bad blogger recently - not putting any effort into my very sporadic posts and generally being uninspirational & never replying to comments (shoot me!!). I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to re-immerse myself into the blogging world and check out all your lovely blogs and reply to your comments. I've just been sooo lazy recently, sorry! I call it post-exam CHILL OUT & REFRESH time :)


I wish I had the courage to work a strong eyebrow but I always end up looking like an overdone geisha girl. Which, despite my blog's name, is not the look I generally go for! I think they work best with soft eye make up and a strong lip (or at least a flushed tint) to balance out the face. Strong eyebrows and a nude lip would look a little strange!

Here is the gorgeous Sam of Pixiwoo fame demonstrating how a strong brow and lip work perfectly together.

The title of my post refers to Mrs Beckham looking rather sultry and interesting in the May 2010 edition of Vogue Germany... Very surprising! (Not sure about the styling though - what the hell is going on with her hair. And her earrings?! And that fascinator Ascot-style hat? In the middle of a desert? HMMM.)

I've just realised that it's also surprising to see her in an editorial like this because I hardly see her without her sunglasses so it's nice to see that she CAN rock a gentle smoky eye.

Other great eyebrows:

Tallulah Morton

Hilary Rhoda

Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon


Thursday, 17 June 2010


I'm a little too tired to elaborate much further. My arms are burning from their colossal annual workout of punting non-stop for 1.5 hours and my eyelids feel heavy from too much sunshine and a long cool glass of Pimms! And yes, that is a bona fide boating hat. Isn't it pretty? I'm going to be wearing it a LOT during these summer months.


PS. This is punting:

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Selfridges sale frenzy!

The Selfridges sale opened yesterday in London at 8am and obviously I had to take a little look around :) I tried to focus on brands that I couldn't find easily online or in other stores and came out with a nice little purchase.

The brands I avoided were all high street brands: FCUK, Topshop, Kurt Geiger, Carvela, Nine West, River Island, Whistles, COS, etc - What's the point when they all have standalone stores with a better selection of stock & which will hold their own sales in due course?

The best floors by far were the 2nd and 3rd floors, housing the womens contemporary and designer items. I made a beeline for brands such as T by Alexander Wang, Maje (LOVED THIS BRAND... so impressed), Zadig and Voltaire (I know they have their own store but they have a great range of stock in Selfridges), all the higher end denim brands (7 for all Mankind, Siwy), James Perse, McQ by Alexander McQueen, See by Chloe, etc.

What did I come out of the fray with? This little summery top from Alice by Temperley:

Super soft jersey, lovely gold buttons and a flattering gather at the waist.

I'm really feeling Parisian chic for this summer - what trends are you all going to be channeling?


PS. Check out my blog sale below! Lots of items still available :)
I've also posted it on my "What Would Geisha Wear" blog.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Benefit from Glamour

Hello lovelies,

I am on a blogging roll! It's so nice to be free of exam stress and I'm in the mood to start blogging like crazy :)

I wanted to share some new purchases of mine:

Firstly - Of course I had to get these wonderful freebies! This months edition of Glamour magazine only came out yesterday and already the products are sweeping the blogosphere. I haven't managed to get an It stick yet (oh but I will!) but I managed to snag these 2 from the nearest 2 newsagents to my house. Each newsagent only had 1 copy of Glamour each! I don't think they got the memo that they'll be selling like hot cakes because of the Benefit freebies :)

The silly thing is that I actually already have the BadGal liner pencil but I thought I'd get a backup - you can never have enough of a good thing right? Do I hear you say "make up addict"? Hush now. But I highly recommend the liner - its the only product out of the 3 I've used before. It's a lovely smudgy intense black kohl eyeliner, perfect for dramatic smoky eyes.. what I really need now is a pencil sharpener for large pencils!

Alternatively, if there are any international readers who would like me to send them a copy of UK Glamour sealed with the BadGal pencil then I'd be happy to do that at cost + P&P.
Just leave me a comment!

This is my minimal make up today - I'm getting so lazy about my hair and have taken to just sweeping it up in any manner and braiding random bits. Please excuse the random trailing ipod earphone, I was watching Tali's new video whilst taking these pictures :)

Products used:

Bare Minerals foundation in Light
Rimmel London Orion Eye palette on my eyes (2 lighter colours)
No 7 Lash 360 Mascara
Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer brick on cheeks
Korres Monoi Oil bronzer in Sunglow Warm 02 (IN LOVE)
MAC Florabundance lipgloss (ALSO IN LOVE)

And my outfit of the day:

Cardigan - Lungta de Fancy (Korean brand, bought from London Fashion Weekend)
Crochet detail fuchsia top - Zara (this has subtle kimono sleeves and is casual and really pretty)

Dark blue jeggings - A market in Hong Kong
Pastel peach brogues - Primark (Surprisingly comfortable and waterproof... I tested this when I got caught in torrential rain in Oxford!)


Blog sale goodies from Rowena at Cosmetic Candy :) One of my favourite make up bloggers and a personal inspiration and guru who has helped me hone my formerly scattered and uninformed approach to make up!

I think Row must have sent these by rocket mail because they arrived in the flashest of flashes!

What I bought:

Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder in 02 Sunglow Warm

LOVE THIS. So much. Subtle bronzing goodness.

Korres Cherry Lip Gloss
Holy pigmentation! This packs a punch with the most gorgeous berry stain. I absolutely love this colour and can't wait to wear it to go for summer evening cocktails and dancing.

MAC Lipglass in Florabundance
You all know and love this :) I'm wearing it on my lips now and have included a gratuitous lip shot. It doesn't show up as much of a colour on my lips but just adds a lovely sheen and evens out the colour of them.

Left: Korres cherry gloss, Right: MAC Florabundance


- And we're BACK IN THE GAME -

Hello lovelies,

Does anyone recognise the post title quote? 10 things I hate about you? Joseph Gordon-Levitt being a teen hearthrob in his car? Swooning at every glimpse of him and watching the movie 5x in a row because you loved him so much and totally wanted to be his Bianca even though he was skinny and had kind of floppy weird slightly greasy looking hair? (I think that last one is just me).

BUT he's grown into quite the hottie so HA, people can't really tease me now because he's actually become cute! (that 400 days of summer film and that photoshoot with Claudia Schiffer- case in point).


Don't think I can say the same thing about my other 2 teenage crushes - Freddie Prinze Jr (where is he now?)

1. Freddie Prinze Jr
(Upon googling, I've discovered that he's actually still quite good-looking. Ahem.)


2. Jay Hernandez ("WHO?!?" You ask. Well, I'll tell you. He was in the movie Crazy/Beautiful.... The one who wasn't Kirsten Dunst. "WHO?!??!" I hear you ask, again. Yeah slightly obscure... Perhaps his one and only movie role?).

God I'm an embarrassment.

Everyone make me feel better and tell me your embarrassing teenage crushes!!!

Moving onto the point of the post. Sorry in advance for the immense ramble and life story, its very late at night/early in the morning and I'm feeling productive!

I've been absent for soooooo long! I'm so behind on commenting and blogging and everything and it makes me feel sad :( But my exams are finally over and I'M FREEEE!!! (Although I do still have a dissertation to write but that's not the point). I have been de-stressing this past week and planning what I want to buy in my big summer make up and clothes haul as well as preparing a HYOWGE (thats huge in lamespeak) blog sale :) AND thinking about breaking into the youtube zone! But in typical british style, I'm cringing at the thought of ya'll hearing my voice - what if I come across as really boring or whiny or just plain scary?!? Ah the perils of unleashing not just your photos but your voice onto the world. If there are any youtubers reading this, can you give me a few tips and hints on how to start up? Whats a good length of video to make? I know youtube has some rules about how long the videos should be. Hmm, i should just go research this myself.

Anyway, its coming up to 3:30am and here I am typing a delirious paragraph promising to blog more. I'm going to be taking my digicam around with me tomorrow and either taking lots of pictures OR filming bits and pieces for a potential youtube Vlog. But now, to bed!

I'll leave you with some pictures of 2 of my favourite models, Erin Wasson and Noot Seaar, generally having a whale of a time and looking all tanned and toned and summery. I'm not trying to depress you here, honest!

(Don't smoke kids)

Oooh that reminds me!

I'm going to Glastonbury again this year on the weekend on the 27th June. Maybe I'll have a Vlog from that? I'll have a lot of pictures anyway :) What should I wear?!?! (The only important question)

Are you lovely people heading to festivals during the summer season? Which ones? What are your top camping tips??? I really need all the help I can get...


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Karl Otto Lagerfeld



Source: My New Favourite Thing
(Go check her out - hilarious, stylish and takes great pictures)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Patterned skirts & Smudgy eyes

Excuse the heavy eye make-up in these photos, I was playing around with a blue & brown smoky eye which turned out really intense yet flattering, is an interesting change to the black/grey smoky eye that tends to wash me out and is SUPER simple - only 3 steps! Who said blue and brown don't go together?!

1. Dot and blend a brown cream shadow across your lid - I used my MAC fluidline in Dipdown but a paint pot would definitely be more ideal!
2. Smudge a metallic dark blue eyeshadow along upper and lower lashes - I used the one from the Sleek makeup Storm palette.
3. Add mascara - I used Benefit's Bad Gal lash.

So, I wore this to buy ice cream from my local newsagents before the weather turned HORRIBLE... I know I lead a rock star life.

The weather was that weird in-between temperature where it was no longer hot but it hadn't cooled down yet (it has now!!), which explains the long sleeves & bare legs combination. I love this top and am kicking myself for not buying more in different colours! It's a slouchy button down cropped top from Topshop, which I'm actually wearing backwards, hence why the cropped bit is at the back. The Cotton On skirt is a little loose on me so I hoisted it up with a leather belt from Uniqlo. And the clogs are Topshop, of course.

What does everyone have planned for the month of June?

Geisha xoxo

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