Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Patterned skirts & Smudgy eyes

Excuse the heavy eye make-up in these photos, I was playing around with a blue & brown smoky eye which turned out really intense yet flattering, is an interesting change to the black/grey smoky eye that tends to wash me out and is SUPER simple - only 3 steps! Who said blue and brown don't go together?!

1. Dot and blend a brown cream shadow across your lid - I used my MAC fluidline in Dipdown but a paint pot would definitely be more ideal!
2. Smudge a metallic dark blue eyeshadow along upper and lower lashes - I used the one from the Sleek makeup Storm palette.
3. Add mascara - I used Benefit's Bad Gal lash.

So, I wore this to buy ice cream from my local newsagents before the weather turned HORRIBLE... I know I lead a rock star life.

The weather was that weird in-between temperature where it was no longer hot but it hadn't cooled down yet (it has now!!), which explains the long sleeves & bare legs combination. I love this top and am kicking myself for not buying more in different colours! It's a slouchy button down cropped top from Topshop, which I'm actually wearing backwards, hence why the cropped bit is at the back. The Cotton On skirt is a little loose on me so I hoisted it up with a leather belt from Uniqlo. And the clogs are Topshop, of course.

What does everyone have planned for the month of June?

Geisha xoxo

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  1. I'm the same! I only have one exam left and I cannot be bothered at all!! Which subject are you doing?
    Clever idea with turning the top around!


  2. I completely understand the exam stress. I have three exams to go yet. One on Elizabeth I, one on natural hazards, ecosystems and world cities with a huuuuge essay at the back of the paper and a pre-release paper for geography. I am now nearly dead with all the revision but your post has brightened my day. xxx

  3. I really ADORE the clogs x

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  5. i'm gonna keep pushing you until you open a YT channel...

    lovelovelove the clogs and the floral skirt!

    PS. forgot the part where i tell you everything's gonna be ok with exams and stuff. even though they can be really stressful, they go away at some point :)


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