Thursday, 29 July 2010


Hi beauties!

This is my gold & bronze eye make up for today, as inspired by the gorgeous Dara of Belle Du Jour NYC - check her videos out, they are some of my favourites on youtube.

I used the Sleek Safari palette that I got at their recent event:

Picture A

Picture B

  1. GOLD colour (Picture A, centre of bottom row) all over my lid.
  2. DARK CHOCOLATE colour (Picture A, right of bottom row) in the outer corner,
  3. MATTE SANDY BROWN (Picture B, bottom row on the left) in the crease.
  4. DARK TURQUOISE (Picture A, top row on the left) smudged along the outer half of bottom lashes.
  5. LIGHT TURQUOISE (Picture A, bottom row on the left) smudged along the inner half of bottom lashes.
  6. Black eyeliner to tightline my upper lashline.
  7. Mascara on the outer half of my lashes.

Lunch today: This awesome pre-packed caesar salad which comes with all the extras! This is when you appreciate the laziness of human nature & the developments that result.

And a cold coffee to go with it :)


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

::::: HALLEY'S COMET :::::

The most beautiful skirt in the world.

DAY: Slouchy grey tee, NARS Belle du jour or EL Crystal Baby, classic white converse
NIGHT: White tank, NARS shadows, Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes & a leather jacket


And whilst we're at it, a few favourite shots of my girl Gemma:




o n e s i e

Hello lovelies :)

I think the word "onesie" sounds so much cuter than "jumpsuit" or "romper", don't you? This one is the comfiest thing in the world... I could literally sleep in it.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned outfit post.

Onesie - Urban Outfitters
Belt - Gap
Wedges - Office


Monday, 26 July 2010

Sleek Makeup Foundation Matching Event

This event is still going on until 8pm today so make haste and you could still get there in time!


My highlight of the day was dropping by the Sleek Make up Foundation matching event on Judd Street - I actually used to live on this street for my final year of university so it brought back good memories!

The actual venue was just a room on the ground floor with a Sleek Make up banner out the front - very easy to spot and lots of friendly faces from the Sleek staff inside. The idea of this event was for Sleek to gather information on how their new foundation (a creme-to-powder foundation it seems, which would be lovely for a slightly heavier but not drying autumn/winter coverage) and how it suited various skin tones. You filled in a questionnaire and had some one-on-one time with the make up consultant to find your perfect match - mine was Barley!

Girls trying on some of the foundation

The yummy cupcake tower and other welcoming bits of food and drink

The webmaster checking their facebook page! And you can see the pink goodie bags in the background :)

zooming in on the cupcake tower... i obviously had to dive in and ruin its perfectness

the icing was almost as thick as the cupcake! just the sugar boost that i needed

skipping away happily with my goodie bag!

- eye dust in Ooh Baby (light blue)
- eye dust in Glory (gold)
- Safari i-divine palette (my choice)
- Chaos i-divine palette

this is the chaos palette

and this is the safari palette

  • The eyeshadows are lovely, smooth and pigmented as usual.
  • I'm a bit confused at the duplicate gold colour on the top row of the safari palette though...
  • The Chaos palette is completely matte - you won't find any sparkly shadows here!
It was such a hard choice for me because i wanted both the graphite and the safari palettes (greedy little me!) but in the end i decided to go with safari because it had some nice greens, blues, golds and that luminous white highlight colour.

BUT... now i'm lusting after the graphite too! oh well, you can't have it all.

Scoot on down to 94 judd street before 8pm today and you can try out the creme-to-powder foundation that will be released in the next few months and get a goody bag too :)


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thrifty Summer Challenge!

Hello lovelies :)

I recently received a lovely email from asking me to participate in their “Thrifty Summer Blogger Challenge”. As a serial online browser and extremely impulsive online shopper, this challenge was right up my alley!

I am personally a huge fan of and have always used it in the past – it’s always worth checking to see if the purchase you’re about to make could be made cheaper. I honestly think that has the clearest and best selection of voucher codes AND printable vouchers (for restaurants, gyms – you name it!) and am subscribed to their newsletter which delivers their latest and most popular offers right into your inbox. Not only do they comprehensively update their website with the newest deals and offers but they also have exclusive offers, codes and vouchers that are only available through them. I’ve just discovered a new exclusive Oasis free delivery code and am very tempted to treat myself to something nice...


Without further ado, here are my top 10 thrifty and versatile summer picks, all under £40!


10. A cag-in-a-bag

Perhaps the most versatile and useful item you could have in your summer canvas bag (see below) - these two (Blue and Cherry) are £25 from Cath Kidston.

9. A canvas bag

To throw everything into - much more summery (and much lighter!) than your normal handbag. This canvas satchel is bang on trend and available from Oasis at £35.

8. A fun pair of shorts

A definite must-have for summer, Miss Selfridge has a great range in florals, hearts (pictured, £30) or just plain and simple denim - wear with bare legs and flip flops and try to convince summer to last! (And if it doesn't, wear 'em with tights).

7. A quirky pair of sunglasses

Both of these pairs are from Topshop and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Wear the nude pair to tone down bright colours (£18) and pair the palm trees with neutrals (£16).

6. A pair of espadrilles

Sandals would be the obvious choice for summer but they can only be worn during the REALLY summery periods of the year and if you've ever lived in Britain then you'll know that they are far and few between! Espadrilles can be worn right into autumn with tights or leggings. Either go with TOMS for the feel good factor (£30) - every pair bought by you results in the company giving a pair to a child in need - or try out Havaiana's take on the trend with their bright colours and that famous ultra-comfy rubber sole (£22). Both available at Office.

5. A go-with-everything hat

This sleek white fedora from ASOS will keep the sun out of your eyes and go with all outfits, whether you're on the beach, strolling along the high street or making a statement on a night out.

4. A sporty bikini

Both of these scuba-inspired numbers are from Topshop at £28 (Mint and Coral) and I'm just in love with their simple lines and striking colours. These suits will last you through the years and look interesting and fashion-forward at the same time. They'll also stay on when you dive into the pool (which is more than I can say for most of my "pretty" bikinis!).

3. A delicate headband

Get in touch with your inner greek goddess with this Lipsy headpiece at Need I say anything more? This is such a gorgeous gold accessory with an intricate leaf and flower design which would brighten up any outfit. Pixie Lott actually owns this exact headband - don't believe me, google it! (£12)

2. A khaki dress

Khaki is definitely huge this summer and I predict that this colour will remain popular as we go into A/W 2010. It's sexy and sophisticated and not as obvious as florals ("Florals? For summer? Groundbreaking." - Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada). This zip up dress by H by Henry Holland at Debenhams hits all the right buttons with adorable buckle details at the shoulder and would be perfect with gladiator sandals or ballet pumps for the day or a pair of peep toe ankle boots for a night out. (£35)

............. and my number ONE thrifty summer item?

1. A classic pair of converse

For day and night, barbeques and dancing the night away - these old favourites handle it all. Try them in classic white or be daring with red. Available from Office, amongst many other websites.


Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment if you have any other suggestions for key summer items :)


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Where have I been lately?!

Hello lovely readers :)

Life has been a whirlwind lately with my whole family flying over to the UK and descending on my house at once. I'm sorry for being the worst blogger ever and NEVER updating!

Recent activities have included:

+ Lots and lots of delicious barbeques (saves washing up loads of pots and pans)! My favourite way to do chicken is to marinate it in soy sauce, honey and mustard, then baste generously with a thicker version of the marinade about 5 minutes before it finishes cooking on the barbeque. Really simple, no fiddling around with chopping and blending of herbs and spices and the sticky glaze you end up with is mouth-watering.

+ Cashing in my Wahanda Mobdeal and going for the highly hyped Fish Pedicure at Aqua Sheko on Holland street (just off Kensington Church street). I have lots of pictures and will be doing a separate post on this with photos (and maybe even a video) but I’ll give you a short breakdown: The staff were friendly and provided free green tea and water as well as a selection of purchasable Japanese themed drinks, although they seemed a bit TOO efficient for a place that is supposed to be offering a “spa” experience. I felt a little bit like I was on a production line, waiting to go through the water tanks! They definitely need some mood music – jazz, bossa nova, anything! - to ease the tension of strangers waiting to get their feet nibbled watching other strangers sitting opposite them on raised chairs with their feet being nibbled (and to cover up the *blub blub* noise from the fish tanks). The actual experience was very weird, definitely a novelty which eventually became more relaxing, and felt like painless pins-and-needles/a firm buzzing sensation and slightly ticklish (but I have ticklish feet!). Although there are a mixture of cute baby and more adult fish, the majority of my tank of fish were fairly mature, around 4-5cm long, so this is not for those who have a secret fish phobia… in case that wasn’t obvious already :)

+ Being unimpressed with the high street sales as well as some of the “new” trends for A/W 2010. Shearling aviator jackets and capes? That’s not new, ya’ll just did those last winter!! I am, however, liking the idea of demi/kitten heels – my poor feet need a rest from all my unforgiving high heels!

+ Taking a relaxing holiday in sunny Swanage, chilling out in a darling beach hut and managing to get a tan in 2 days flat! Swanage is an English seaside town near Dorset and a short steam train ride away from Corfe Castle. I visited Corfe Castle, shamefully not mainly to see its namesake but to take a peek at the village’s local newsagents featured in Mary Queen of Shops. It was given the Mary Magic and transformed into Cleall’s – a charming village store (with an adorable arts n crafts room at the back!) selling local produce. A vast improvement, although the only thing I bought was some ginger beer!

How has everyone been lately? Enjoying their summers? I have another post coming right up after this to make up for the huge gap in posting :)

Geisha xoxo