Thursday, 29 July 2010


Hi beauties!

This is my gold & bronze eye make up for today, as inspired by the gorgeous Dara of Belle Du Jour NYC - check her videos out, they are some of my favourites on youtube.

I used the Sleek Safari palette that I got at their recent event:

Picture A

Picture B

  1. GOLD colour (Picture A, centre of bottom row) all over my lid.
  2. DARK CHOCOLATE colour (Picture A, right of bottom row) in the outer corner,
  3. MATTE SANDY BROWN (Picture B, bottom row on the left) in the crease.
  4. DARK TURQUOISE (Picture A, top row on the left) smudged along the outer half of bottom lashes.
  5. LIGHT TURQUOISE (Picture A, bottom row on the left) smudged along the inner half of bottom lashes.
  6. Black eyeliner to tightline my upper lashline.
  7. Mascara on the outer half of my lashes.

Lunch today: This awesome pre-packed caesar salad which comes with all the extras! This is when you appreciate the laziness of human nature & the developments that result.

And a cold coffee to go with it :)