Monday, 26 July 2010

Sleek Makeup Foundation Matching Event

This event is still going on until 8pm today so make haste and you could still get there in time!


My highlight of the day was dropping by the Sleek Make up Foundation matching event on Judd Street - I actually used to live on this street for my final year of university so it brought back good memories!

The actual venue was just a room on the ground floor with a Sleek Make up banner out the front - very easy to spot and lots of friendly faces from the Sleek staff inside. The idea of this event was for Sleek to gather information on how their new foundation (a creme-to-powder foundation it seems, which would be lovely for a slightly heavier but not drying autumn/winter coverage) and how it suited various skin tones. You filled in a questionnaire and had some one-on-one time with the make up consultant to find your perfect match - mine was Barley!

Girls trying on some of the foundation

The yummy cupcake tower and other welcoming bits of food and drink

The webmaster checking their facebook page! And you can see the pink goodie bags in the background :)

zooming in on the cupcake tower... i obviously had to dive in and ruin its perfectness

the icing was almost as thick as the cupcake! just the sugar boost that i needed

skipping away happily with my goodie bag!

- eye dust in Ooh Baby (light blue)
- eye dust in Glory (gold)
- Safari i-divine palette (my choice)
- Chaos i-divine palette

this is the chaos palette

and this is the safari palette

  • The eyeshadows are lovely, smooth and pigmented as usual.
  • I'm a bit confused at the duplicate gold colour on the top row of the safari palette though...
  • The Chaos palette is completely matte - you won't find any sparkly shadows here!
It was such a hard choice for me because i wanted both the graphite and the safari palettes (greedy little me!) but in the end i decided to go with safari because it had some nice greens, blues, golds and that luminous white highlight colour.

BUT... now i'm lusting after the graphite too! oh well, you can't have it all.

Scoot on down to 94 judd street before 8pm today and you can try out the creme-to-powder foundation that will be released in the next few months and get a goody bag too :)


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  1. I'm such a neutral eyeshadows girl. I really ought to try some colors sometime. :)


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