Friday, 6 August 2010


Hello lovelies,

Exactly what it says on the tin/blog title.

A large percentage of my online shopping happens when I'm stressed, late at night. I'm not alone here, am I? It's so therapeutic! As summer is fast disappearing from London, I'm yearning for winter staples - skinny jeans and ankle boots... But I don't own any like this already, honest! (She says, thinking fondly of her extensive collection of skinny jeans and ankle boots)

I think I'll skip the whole "what will this go with?" dilemma and just wear these together.


What will you be buying for your A/W 2010 wardrobe?



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  1. So cute, It's hard to tell whether they're daisy print or not but I love them! The docs are awesome too! I feel this is good dissertation procrastination...I mean you're preparing for AW! ;)


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