Sunday, 8 August 2010

GLOW (Tanya Burr does a gorgeous Jennifer Aniston look)

I am literally running out and buying:

+ NARS Turks & Caicos blush stick +
+ MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl +
+ NARS Sheer Glow* +
+ MAC Vanilla pigment +
+ Benefit Hoola +
+ Dior Amber Diamond powder +

Why? Because of this video :)

* I can NEVER find my shade in NARS Sheer Glow and it is so frustrating :( I want it so badly but everytime I go to get colour matched, I get matched with a different colour. I've been matched to all the following colours on different occasions: Mont blanc, Fiji, Ceylan, Santa Fe and most recently, Punjab (which looked really orange in the mirror but could be something to do with the fact that the lady slapped it on very heavily). Space NK do not have any testers of the foundation and when I've asked in department stores they just look at me in disgust and say that they're out of everything in "my" colour. Uh, thanks.

Can anyone help me out?
  • I am around a NC20-25 in winter, NC30ish in summer BUT I've tried quite a few MAC foundations in these colours and none of them have quite matched me - they always end up looking pinkish or ashy on my skin. Even the "very sheer" MAC Face & Body goes ashy on me (I've tried C2 & C3)!

  • The skin on my body has very yellow, almost brown undertones. Maybe that means I have olive skin? BUT my face has pinky undertones and is lighter than my body. I usually try to find foundations with a yellow undertone to balance out my face and bring it to the same shade as the rest of my body - foundations with a cooler/pinkier base or even just a HINT of a peachy/pinky-beige colour do NOT suit my skin as they just make my face look even pinkier and ashier than usual.

  • In general, I have never found a correct colour match in any foundation as they just all turn odd colours on my skin. It's very frustrating for a make up addict like me that I can never seem to find the EXACT shade for my make up base!

  • Saying that, the only foundation which has a shade that comes close to my colouring is Chanel Vitalumiere in 20 (for my wintertime skin), but the high price and shabby lasting power of this foundation put me off using it regularly - not to mention the TERRIBLE sales girls (I cannot call them make up artists) who usually have no idea of what is going on with their brand and just stand around looking snotty and giving you "are you sure you can afford that?" glances. In the Debenhams in Oxford, the girl at the counter told me that the Chanel teint innocence in the pot was the same as Chanel vitalumiere, just that they were in different containers........ I mean, seriously?!?
I have combination skin (very dry cheeks, very oily t-zone) and if you have any favourite products or foundations that you think would suit me, I would ADORE it if you left a comment :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. I love that look, the eye make up is sooo pretty! I know what you mean about make up, it took me forever to find the perfect shade for my skin so I ended up trying a Japanese brand, RMK and found some pretty good colour matches.

  2. i'm obsessed with finding the perfect foundation, and i've heard so many good things about NARS Sheer Glow that i've been dying to try it. too bad i can't find it where i live :(
    every time i see these kind videos, makes me wanna run out and buy everything they used in them!

  3. You could try the shu uemura foundations :D
    These foundations are quite nice, and being a japanese brand, they match up well with asian skin..
    i hope this helped you ^^

  4. Well done! I am grateful that you have shared this important post with me. Thanks! I am sure people must have got impressed with this post!


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